How to choose a gutter system and not to miscalculate

Today's owners no longer need to be diy. Engineers have created a variety of gutter system. Of what is this little "waterfall"?

Water drainage system includes a group of basic and additional elements. The first group includes pipes, knee and gutters. Gutters mounted always with a slight slope so that water does not stagnate and freely flow into the drainage pipe. The group of additional elements are mounting for pipes, gutters, funnels, plugs. With the help of this "extra" equipment drains securely fixed to the facade of the building.

Functions in a lot of drainage system:

- direct drainage of water from the roof of the building and partly with its facade;
- the protection of foundation walls against moisture;
- preventing flooding of basements;
- reducing the number of puddles in front of the structure.

Plastic, metal, copper.

Depending on the material drains are: plastic, metal and copper. Plastic (blamed-waterproof) models are mostly similar. Of course, every manufacturer is trying in their own way to improve them. The advantages of polymeric structures made of PVC include:

  • - low cost (even poor people can afford plastic drains);
    - UV-stability;
    - relative resistance to low temperatures;
    - ease of installation;
    - Not being corrosion;
    - quiet in the rain (which is especially important when the house is small children);
    - a wide range of colors;
    - the absence of deformation during transportation and installation.

Cons in PVC drains a little, although someone may be decisive: they are relatively short-lived and are not suitable for any style of a country house. Metal gutters themselves more reliable: they are more rigid, strong, hardy. They are not in danger of being broken at the time of thirty-degree frost, and will last for many decades. But, unfortunately, these advantages raise the price of metal structures.

Copper system - something eternal and most of the interior, we can say, even a status. Drains of this material is not produced in large quantities, only on individual projects. What is so good copper? The fact that this material is hardly deformed by time, weather conditions and accurately serve more than one generation of tenants.

Theoretically, the most durable system made of copper, in second place - metal, at last - the plastic. At the same time, the life in the gutter depends not only on the material from which it is made, but also on the quality of installation. Properly mounted plastic can stand longer than poorly installed metal system.

Proper drainage.

So, you decide to install a drain. What to consider when installing? Typically, the water drainage system is laid around the perimeter of the building. When designing it is necessary to determine in advance the type and drainage system by answering the question: how and where it will go away rainwater. The best embodiment is a drainage underground storm sewer. If it is not, by means of drainage stormwater runoff should be collected in a special tank.

At the very least, if the organization sanitation for some reason can not, in the gutter provides traditional knee (bend) at the height of thirty centimeters above ground level. This method does not give the drains flow directly to the basement at home, thus destroying it.

One of the weaknesses in the drainage system - a funnel. With their help, rainwater enters the trough of the gutter pipe. This design element bears a heavy load, but because when you install should be provided with a secure fastening. Otherwise, already in the first winter of the drain threatens to skew the funnel and, accordingly, the subsequent repair.

Life time.

Manufacturers in the West is called the period of plastic guttering service in 30 years. In the conditions of our country is not yet able to verify. The fact that the building materials market of its kind in our country is still very young. It does not have 20 years. Drains made of plastic, made in the days continue to reliably serve their masters until now. In the Russian context is not defined within a service PVC gutters. The metal drains practically nothing to fear: no breaks from frost or corrosion. The secret of longevity lies in the multilayer coating of elements that do not give any chance to rust. The average service life of drainage system made of galvanized steel approximately 25-50 years. With polymer coating, this period may be much larger.

How to choose the right gutter to your house? Your decision, according to experts, should not be tied to the type of roofing. The choice depends, first of all, from the budget.

There are three different forms of drains: semi-circular, rectangular, trapezoidal. The level of water permeability in them is the same, so the choice depends only on aesthetic preferences of the customer. With the work done well all types of gutters. From what, except for the installation, then dependent on the quality of gutters? Experts confidently answer: from the service. That it will help the system to function from day to day quality. Care required minimum, but systematic. Drains should always be cleaned, and a funnel set the grid for protection from falling leaves and other debris.

Gutter system heater.

Winter rainwater traps serious danger snow melting, frost is formed, the water expands and may break the structure. How to avoid it? It helps the heating system of gutters. It is used not only to private landlords, but the city authorities. The principle of sound master: once to invest in additional equipment is much cheaper than every year to change the gutters, destructible frost.

heating systems are different, but the principle of operation they have a single: the chute passes a string of the heating cable, which does not allow to freeze the water in the gutters. Some are quite simple in construction and has only a two-position switch, while others are provided with switching sensors, shutdown, thermometers. The most expensive heating system able to independently maintain the desired temperature range of drains, is only included if necessary.

In the market of the products of manufacturers such as «Scala», «Plastmo», «Lindab», «Metal Profile". Conventionally, customers can be divided into two categories: private homeowners and builders. And everyone has their own preferences. Do professionals in the segment of low-cost gutters popular products of the company «Plastmo».

Price and the final cost.

How to calculate the cost of drip equipment for a particular building? It depends primarily on the material used, the footage. You should not fall for unscrupulous sellers: low price per meter gutter does not say anything about the final low cost system. Very often, these firms raise their prices on additional items, not advertising this fact to the buyer. Thus, with the help of additional markups customer risks a complete package for a fairly high cost.

Fitting Algorithm drainage system.

Determine the budget and aesthetic preferences. Choosing material for a future runoff, given the climatic characteristics of the region. We check the certificates of quality, compliance with state standards and international standards. We find out the qualitative characteristics of the material. Whether it be plastic, metal or copper. Good drain can only be created from the material of the highest quality, having a low thermal conductivity. If the ratio is high, the first winter have been faced with such a trouble as formation of ice.

Note the color of the gutter system, which would like to purchase - it should be homogeneous, with no smudges and does not change during the heating-cooling. The selected design should meet the requirements such as:

- strength and durability;
- corrosion resistance;
- resistance to low temperature;
- aesthetics;
- simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance.

Installation of drip equipment is best left to professionals, controlled by subsequently capacity of drainage system. On it affects drainage area, slope and drainage in all design. If you do not pay attention to it, after the installation of the drain can be regretfully look at the way he can not cope with their duties - can not take the water efficiently.

Gutter-quality equipment will save your home for years to come. It not only cope with the problem of water drainage from the roofs of any form, without breaking the atom architecture of the building, but also significantly increase the service life of the roof and facade. And an interesting design and a variety of colors will turn the gutter system in an elegant decorative element that harmoniously complement the image of the house.

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