Making the furnace for a bath with the water tank with your own hands

If desired, the furnace in the bath, you can build your own, designs and development are many. furnace device for the bath with the water tank is not of great complexity, but some details need to be taken into account for better results.

In the case of self-masonry joints should bandage oneself very carefully. Thickness performed their minimum possible. Applied red brick. Thus under the furnace not more than 0.1 m from the floor, a large height gives the floor to warm bath. May drown out the washing or changing room. If a fire door looking into the dressing room, the furnace is disposed in the wash.

It is impossible, that it adjoined the wall close to the walls of the room, but be sure to maintain a gap of not less than 0.25 m from each. This improves heat transfer and natural convection of heated air. Further heating water and steam, the oven heater (often used in baths) provides dry steam. To this end, it has a special camera, arranged with stones, the recommended weight from 1 to 5 kg.

Best bottles, pebble pebbles, granite boulders. The number is determined from the rate of 60 kg per cubic meter of volume of steam. Excluded are limestones, marbles, rocks with high silica content. The latter, when heated, can crack and burst, chunks flying away. Especially when watering water. Is not it better to limestone and marble. These rocks upon firing are converted to lime and quenched by water.

Experts advise with stones put iron ingots, up to 20% of the total weight of the stones. In these cells need to do at least one door (preferably two), ranging in size from 0.22 to 0.16 m to 0.27 m at 0.265, coming out in the steam room. With the help of steam he is regulated and the temperature in the room. Tank volume employed should provide up to 7 liters of water for one, at a temperature of 50 C.

It will be appreciated that the higher the temperature of the heated water, the less necessary in the bath. The required amount of cold water for one person received the same. Selectable tank installation methods should provide reliable fastening. It is better if there is a reliance on the sides of the walls, special columns, masonry.

Less preferred methods for suspension cables or wires, as potentially more dangerous. The distance between the walls of the tank furnace and with a gap of 5 cm, since heated gases will warm faster and better water. Special tube at the bottom will allow the installation of the valves and taps. To increase the service life of these pipes, it is recommended their insulation masonry or sheets of asbestos. Typically, bannuyu oven with water tank is used for heating of the water bath and heating.

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