Dismantling of the old windows with their hands

Repairs in the house - it is always troublesome, dusty, and the most important matter that requires a fairly large investment. However, experts know many ways to reduce your waste in the repair and construction work.

One of them is the ability to do some of the work themselves. To do this, there are many benefits, special literature and articles on the Internet. But, in any case, every repair begins with the replacement of windows (especially if the old windows were not changed in decades).

The easiest option - to put a new plastic windows. However, before you put the new, you must remove the old ones. Thus, this part of the work will have to do it yourself. The following recommendations, as well as the sequence of dismantling the old windows.

1. If the old window blind, you must first take out all glazing beads, and only after that glass. If the window open, the first step should be to remove the leaf from its hinges. This procedure does not take much time. What follows are two options: you shot glass sashes are held very tight or very old frame and glass move diagonally. In the first case, you can safely remove the leaf directly to the glass. In a second embodiment, the problem is slightly more complicated - for your safety glasses must first be removed from the valves.

2. Next, you need to make some cuts in the old frame. For this purpose, most commonly used conventional saw. Less commonly, employees are grinder with the special range of (concrete), but the room will be a lot of dust and smoke. Very important point: if you decide to use a grinder instead of a saw, then strictly forbidden to cut the frame in the usual range for metal. In this case, it may just jam, and just break. If in this case we consider that the average disk makes about 7,500 revolutions per minute, it also becomes dangerous to the health of workers. Another word of caution - Never insert into the grinder and a disc with special teeth (wood) for your safety.

3. After these cuts take out the parts of the window frame by a conventional crowbar, the perforator with a special nozzle "paddle" or other convenient (improvised) building tools. In some cases, the old wooden frame is left in place (if it is well preserved and is in perfect condition). However, experts still recommend to dismount and mount a new window to the wall materials. In this case, it is increasing the size of the light box, fixing will be more robust and reliable (than combined with wood), as well as the wooden frame will not rot after some time (as it does not need to be paint).

4. The next step is the dismantling of the old sill. If it is made of wood, it comes by analogy with it as with a frame (2): first is propyl, and then taken out piece by piece using construction tools. If the concrete sill, his smash hammer (if available). Otherwise scrap may be used, or a hammer grinder with a circle (for concrete). You can leave the old concrete window sills, if they are kept in excellent condition, and it suits you. However, be aware: the plastic window sill is much "warmer" than analogue of concrete. Another disadvantage is that between the old and the new sill of the window frame is almost always a pretty big gap, even if you do it zamazhete special mixture using a grid. In any case, cracks are the inevitable factor.

5. The last step is cleaning the window opening. It should be cleaned of dust and debris. If, however, after the dismantling of the old window opening you think big, you can be part of it lay the brick, while reducing the size of the window.

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