The stones for the bath, which is better to choose

In the previous article you will learn what are the requirements for stones for the bath, what Features to look for when choosing them, how to prepare a mineral bath procedures and both take care of them.

Now we will look at in more detail the characteristics of some species, the best to use in baths. Species are selected on the basis of:

- the ability to have an impact on the human body;
- quality, performance properties.


It is durable, dense, harmless; but it has not very attractive appearance. Despite this, with the help of soapstone stoves veneer often because it retains heat very well. Heated stone very quickly, and then a long and equally "divided" the accumulated heat.

As for its medicinal abilities talkohlorit activates the metabolism, cures inflammations, colds, strengthens the immune system. Its vapor is very gentle on the body.

So that when the bath procedures in the air there was not dust, before use newly acquired talkohlorit, wash it well and calcined.


It has shades of emerald, being very beautiful and "elegant" breed. It is often used in the baths, as it boasts a very high strength, and excellent thermal capacity, which leads to a large amount of steam. This stone does not accumulate radiation, harmless to health, because it is safe.

In jadeite contains a plurality of chemical elements that have a positive effect on the whole organism, in particular, the respiratory tract, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine system.

Among its shortcomings - enough big cost.

crimson quartzite

This is a very rare stone, wherein durable and very nice view. Its rich purple hue is able to decorate any room. As for the "bath" qualities crimson quartzite, it is hard, dense, wear-resistant, has a low water absorption. He was not afraid of sharp temperature jumps - a red-quartzite nothing will happen if "to pour" his ice water. It is useful for those who have blood pressure problems, for people with muscle pain, rheumatism.

Among the disadvantages of this stone for the bath - the high cost and rarity. In addition, cracked minerals should be avoided, as they will continue to deteriorate.

white quartz

It is absolutely harmless, semi-transparent and is composed of oxygen. Quartz generates a dense vapor cleans the air.

Due to the presence in the composition of active oxygen stone has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract, restores the upper layer of the skin, it boasts a rejuvenating effect.


It is unclear why this rock sidestep avid bathhouse, he's remarkably retains heat, and gives it for a long time. In carrying out their "mission bath", for the first time porphyrite it will crackle, but later this flaw will disappear. That couples do not lose their flavor and density of it, porphyry must be constantly cleaned.

Which it is very nice - the stone has a very affordable price.

Porfitit clears the respiratory tract, the skin, promotes the disappearance of headaches.


He is extremely strong - with "manual" the impact of the stone does not break or even deformed. That is why out of it before making weapons and tools. Bath climate it can withstand without problems, without losing its qualities for many years, jade remarkably accumulates (and then gives a long time) heat.

The for bath stone a positive effect on the heart, nerves, skin, kidneys, urogenital system, puts in order the process of sweating. It relieve tension, fatigue, insomnia, cure, rejuvenate the organism.

In this case, nephritis - a very expensive mineral, because it can not be called affordable.

jasper wax

This semi-precious stone, which is used in stoves, furnaces.

It is useful for the nerves of many internal organs (including the heart), jasper wax stops the bleeding, because of her wounds are tightened.


It has dark hues granular structure, coloring stone similar to granite. It boasts high durability and minimal water absorption.

From it are formed the lower layer, since he has no medicinal qualities, however, diabase, gabbro "can" amplify healing qualities other stones. With him you can not use essential oils. For baths suitable specimens having a saturated black. The main disadvantage of gabbro-diabase - he has a short operational period.


"Budget" option stones for the bath. Take the pebbles can be even for free, but you need to choose it with care - not every pebble is harmless and beneficial. Should give preference to material exhibiting flattened shape. In no case can not be taken for a bath treatment soft stones, "dwelling" at the bottom of the pond - they contain limestone that can be harmful to health. Also unprofitable items with red spots, streaks, indicating the presence of iron in the gravel. It is best to put the pebbles down and have her place medicinal minerals.

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