Forged products as decoration of a private house

In recent years, a growing interest in this method of decoration of private homes as forgings. Window and fireplace grates, stairs and railings, furniture and furnishings, sculptures and decorative elements - everywhere is used ancient craft.

Modern methods of art forging and talent of artisans capable of a simple iron turned into a work of art.

Increased demand for forged products made of blacksmith artists look for new technologies that can make individual production wholesale. designed and manufactured specialized industrial equipment for the same purpose. By wrought products used in construction, claim strength, durability and, in some cases relative ease. Experiments in weld metal and improve the strength by using special technologies, for example, chromium-diamond composite coating, serve to achieve these goals.

To reduce the weight of the forged products instead of traditional bar made of tubes, as a result of a thing becomes another advantage - lower cost. The durability of metal products - is first and foremost the ability to resist corrosion and mechanical damage. For this purpose there are special coatings that are applied using a high-tech. They are designed for maximum protection of metal from external influences

Forged items used to create interior should have additional properties: elegance, aesthetics, the possibility of combining with the furnishings, textiles, interior decoration, i.e. the ability to be integral parts the chosen style. For the comfort in the use of a special coating used "soft", making the metal warm to the touch. To enter into the interior forged products specific colors, the master used the most modern technology of chemical staining and turn black metal in the metal of any desired color.

The new word in the design of forged products - it is their connection with other materials: wood, glass, textiles, therefore, forged design furniture It represents an organic combination of coarse metal or soft cushions fragile glass, and it is this ensemble makes the interior original. In certain cases, dictates the style is quite different, for example, some new antique items, for which there are special ways of aging stained forged products.

A lot of technical difficulties do not stop the development of a modern blacksmithing. Considerable difficulties in moving forward has been the lack of interest to the craft of the state and the lack of a unified pricing policy for forged products market. All these issues must be addressed in order to preserve and develop this ancient folk craft.

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