How do blind area around the house with his own hands

Weather conditions can present unwanted surprises for residential buildings, if not previously provide for ways to neutralize them. To divert water from the building that has accumulated as a result of a prolonged rain, constructing along the perimeter of the structure of a special coating at a certain angle of inclination. This is a specific "track" is the blind area, is protective.

otmostki function. Eliminate the blind area of ​​the construction is impossible, because for such a wrong decision would follow a serious challenge which will be quite difficult. Blind area drains water that flows down from the roof is collected on the surface after heavy rains.

A large concentration of water in any case, will seek a way out, penetrating deep into the surface on which it is concentrated, with no blind area, the water will have a devastating impact on foundation.

Also otmostka performs protective functions in the winter time, the foundation has protected from the strong freezing. Its presence ensures the integrity of the cap and the base, respectively, and the entire building.

In addition, the construction of the blind area improves the appearance of the whole building, so many builders and it is seen as a decoration.

To achieve the highest aesthetics, there should be, what materials to build it. Often use concrete, which has subsequently spread beautiful paving slabs.

As constructed blind area around the house

blind area It has to be laid around the perimeter of the erected structure. Its width may be different. The minimum dimensions of width equal to one meter, dependent on the maximum value of the visor. It is necessary to make sure the water falling on the blind area structures.

Once identified dimensions of the blind area by means of pegs carried markup to accurately perform all the subsequent tasks.

The next stage is the removal of the top layer of fertile land. Approximately necessary to remove about 25 cm of soil around the perimeter. Further indentations well tamped.

Pouring concrete deepening - an important and crucial moment. It is necessary to foresee all, to produce single-stage fill, providing an integrated monolithic structure. Fill parts makes it more vulnerable to the places where the joints are.

Before pouring the concrete around the perimeter of the blind area desyatisantimetrovyh spread a layer of sand, lightly spraying it with water to have an opportunity to ram it. At the bottom of recess dug gravel layer stack pyatisantimetrovym lightly tamping it. Atop the rubble spread road net, which is obtained commercially in the hardware store, or make your own from twigs.

After preparatory work done to begin pouring prepared concrete recess, providing a monolithic structure.

Pouring concrete

When pouring concrete is also necessary to take into account some important secrets. Concrete layer near the base of the building makes more than 1 cm, which will provide the desired angle. After filling all the necessary level checked and corrected minor tweaks as necessary.

Concrete, which is planned to fill in blind area, can be purchased off the shelf, you can prepare it.

However, in this case, it is important to weigh everything, rational approach to solving this issue. Concrete solution is really quite easy to do yourself, but if a blind area is accompanied by a large size, the amount required for concrete may be large, sometimes It can reach more than 8 tons, which prepare their own brand can not afford, respectively, will not be possible to provide one-step casting, providing a monolithic design.

In this case, rationally ordered ready-mixed concrete in the right quantity. By performing this service will not only delivered concrete, but the experts will provide its fill. Yourself will only smooth the surface and provide the necessary angle.

After pouring concrete, its entire surface otmostki alignment film coated on two days to prevent evaporation of moisture present in the concrete.

Decorating blind area

The concrete surface of the blind area carries major protective functions for the entire structure, the foundation has protected from the negative effects of the environment. However, to improve the aesthetic perception of the finished blind area, on top of it littered the waterproofing film, etc. desyatisantimetrovyh poured sand layer, tamping, after which create curb, paving slabs and spread rub clean seams.

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