The stones for the bath, how to choose and use them to (1)

To room was enjoyable and it was good for health, it is necessary to organize properly. By this we mean including the right choice of stones.

Stones for sauna should not be afraid of the difficult conditions in which they will be, and have a nice view, well complementing the interior design.

Since the climate in the bath room is enough "hard" you need to meet a number of requirements of the stones. So, what indicators should be taken into consideration in their purchasing:

- The absence of harmful substances in the formulation. If the stones are not harmless, harmful substances contained in them, under the action of high temperatures will saturate the air, which can lead to poisoning. To avoid this, you need to purchase the stones in specialized points of sale, possessing a certificate confirming the quality of the goods. The stones are "in the public domain" in railways, treated with special drugs that are beneficial to health is not exactly bring, because they gather in such places is prohibited.

- The level of heat capacity. This parameter indicates how well the stones "are able" to keep warm. The higher it is, the longer it will be possible to carry out bathing procedures. It is determined by evaluating the weight, and the appearance of the mineral. Good is a stone with no inclusions, which have a uniform structure and considerable weight.

- The absence of "fear" of high temperatures. You can not select a mineral that can not withstand temperature changes, high temperatures. Stones in the "bathing conditions" should not lose its shape, covered with cracks.

To test how strong are stonesforbath, They must be either heat and immediately put into the water (cold), or about to hit something hard.

- The size, shape. Minerals are selected based on the material of the furnace, which is equipped with a sauna. Stoves, flushing firewood, heaters need stones having such sizes:

a) The diameter of ninety to one hundred and thirty millimeters; they should be 1/3 of the total, they are placed on the grate;
b) a diameter of from seventy to ninety millimeters; they are placed over the first layer;
c) a diameter of from fifty to sixty millimeters; with their help, the uppermost layer is formed.

To use electric stones whose diameter does not exceed sixty millimeters.

It is worth mentioning that the stove is better to use round stones - they flue gases and air will circulate better.

A few tips

- sandstone, limestone is not suitable for the bath.

- If you decide to self-collect stones, it should be done in places where they are constantly exposed to the effects of natural elements - rain, snow, wind, "tempered" sunlight (in the field and on the other open spaces). Such stones have qualities most suitable for the bath.

- It is undesirable to stop the choice on sea stones: their river "brothers" have a suitable strength characteristics.

- muffled sounds when hitting stones are not suitable for use in the bath.

- It is best to "bath conditions" tolerate artificial ceramic stones. Completely replace their natural material is not necessary, however, are quite possible to form the upper layer.

- Each "bath" m2 contains about six kilograms of stones.

Features of preparation, care of stonesforbath

- Before you use them every time you need to check whether there are cracks, damage.

- Before commit bath procedures, stones "soaked" in the water with salt, after which they were thoroughly washed. They have to dry yourself at room t.

- The stones must be correctly placed in the furnace - bottom are the largest, the smallest on top. Be sure to leave a gap through which air can circulate freely.

- The volume of rocks in the bath must meet the ratio of 1 to 50.

- Before the bath procedures stones necessarily tempered - heated slowly until its bottom part will not get a red tint, then abruptly doused with cold water. Stones covered with cracks after hardening, are not suitable for further use - throw them out.

- Minerals need to constantly examine, removing unfit and adding new ones.

- stones, at the end of bath procedures is covered with dirt, touch, be sure to wash.

- For a more even and rapid warm-up stones add steel, cast iron small-sized elements.

- In order to get as much steam on the hot stones poured hot water.

- If desired, stones sprinkled with herbal decoctions, essential oils.

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