What is the ceiling is better to choose for the kitchen?

To kitchen ceiling relevant two basic requirements: it must be moisture resistant and washable. Kitchen - a room with high humidity, which explains the first requirement, as well as to the second, so with frequent cooking food soot is formed, with which no hood can not cope.

There are several ways of finishing the ceiling of the kitchen, which meet the above requirements, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

- Suspended ceilings and plastic panels.

Characteristics are virtually identical, but they differ slightly in appearance, and much of the cost. Suspended ceilings and plastic panels - a suspended ceiling, which have both pluses and minuses.


1. It does not need preparation of the base ceiling.

2. Above the false ceiling can be easy to carry out communication, ventilation and install spotlights.

3. Quick installation.

Cons (not many, but they are quite noticeable).

1. The height of the room is reduced by at least seven centimeters.

2. Office of the room.

- Styrofoam ceiling tile.

Option for those who want a cheap and fast repair. Inexpensive, does not require careful preparation of the ceiling, you just flatten it slightly. Due to the elasticity and thickness of the ceiling will hide all the flaws. The work does not require highly qualified personnel.

Disadvantage - appearance. By the way, a good designer, because I hear of such tiles, sinks into a state of quiet horror.

In appearance it is certainly not so. Somehow there is the spirit of the seventies and eighties. Although someone because it might like.

- Plasterboard

Gypsum ceiling - suspended ceiling of the kind, it is sometimes called boarded. The basic ceiling does not require training. On plasterboard ceiling can also hold communication, integrate into the ventilation and lighting. It also reduces the height of the room.

Features plasterboard ceiling:

1. The need for finishing (putty and coloring). It is time consuming and requires additional resources, however, the result is an almost perfectly smooth and flat surface without seams and joints.

2. It has soundproofing properties.

3. Plasterboard ceiling can be multi-level and curved surfaces - a favorite element of most designers.

- Classics of the genre: proshpatlevanny and plaster ceiling.

It is surprising, but it is the most time-consuming and difficult enough, the option of finishing the ceiling. It will take away a lot of time alignment (maybe even using plaster mesh), putty color. But the result is worth it - sleek, smooth ceiling, and no reduction of the room height. Such an option - most suitable for many apartments. A little bit easier this method it is possible, using washable wallpaper for painting. Thus, it is possible to reduce labor costs and save on costly and time consuming putty for painting and reinforcing materials (fiberglass, serpyanka).

- Stretch ceiling.

Also has the advantage of suspended ceilings: quick installation, no need to prepare the base of the ceiling, it is possible to incorporate lighting and ventilation. It looks very impressive. Of a variety of options you can choose to your taste texture and color of stretch ceiling.


Reducing the height of the room centimeters by 8 - 10, the inability to change the position of fixtures, holes are made immediately, the installation according to the scheme chosen. Damage to this ceiling will not be able to paint or zashpatlevat.

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