Do not rush to call the expert: how to make repairs on their own PVC windows

Plastic windows are reliable, modern design. They are not only comfortable, but also looks attractive, durable, well keep our homes from the noise and heat loss, and the annual dyeing they do not require.

But sometimes it happens that the plastic windows out of order, and there is not always due to the improper use or incorrect installation. Frequent reasons for this may be a shrinkage of the building. When such a situation occurs, then you have two ways out of this situation - or call the master, or to eliminate the problem. If you decide to have the right to own, here are a few useful tips.

You know the situation, when both open and fold in the reclining position and swivel. This is because when opening pulled the handle, even when no load blocker on the end flap. It is possible to eliminate such a way. Lubricates the entire perimeter hardware engine oil. Blocker presses against the seal, the flap has to be vertical, the handle is pivoted to the upper position and then to the horizontal. Thus, we return the leaf to its normal position.

If there was a drawdown leaf, the leaf begins to bad enter into a special opening, while clinging to the bottom or the wedge knurled. The reason may be the lack of lubrication. And the pin and a portion of the sash during closing stagger up and down, and thereby the flap squander, and is focused on strips.

Enough to eliminate grease and accessories, and a pin and plate. Using the Allen key "4 mm" should be done with the bottom cover removal casement hinge and adjust light entering the opening by rotation in a clockwise direction. If you kink, it is necessary to unscrew, open wide the window, and then again adjusted to the normal position.

When the drip edge shift occurs shortness closure flaps at the bottom. It is necessary to turn the drip edge to the side hinges, and then close the flap. And so repetition was not followed, you can use adhesive cyanoacrylate glue that element.

With defective upper window blocker, does not turn the handle, the blade is tilted in a state not included in the opening. The most common problem is that the blocker either clogged or seized.

Persists, the opening can be cleared using a brush, and then the engine lubrication oil and the pin turn down mechanism.

If the leaf bad clamp. That is the reason, most likely in the seal, that the pins do not engage, and no normal slats position.

As strange as it may sound, but the seal does not need to be changed. Initially, you need to accurately determine the exact size of the gap between the journal and bars. Here we will help mirror. 2-3 mm must be a gap at the direction of motion of the trunnion. If you see a shift trims, then you need to return it back to the wing performed the draw, ensuring the normal course of the handle. To do this, you need to initially adjust the lower locks and then the top, for a shutter control is performed draw angle brackets or cams on the journal. If the matter is fitting, then it must be replaced by a specialist already.

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