How to install your own shower

If bathing is not a cult house, then to save space is highly recommended to think about how to install the shower. Why shower? It's very simple - these solutions save space, but for a person in an upright position, less convenient to meditate. So, if the apartment is constantly having problems, how to get to the bathroom, the best way to keep the relationship and not to exacerbate further conflict situations, will find an answer to the question - how to install the shower?

All devices for vertical washing fall in the form of mini-rooms for bathing, the presence of Additional features and accessories, as well as the size of the pallet, which, in turn, affects the size of design as a whole.

Determined to find a manual that gives full and comprehensive answers how to install the shower, you can disappointed by the countless and incomprehensible manuals that have nothing to do with the existing cabins For shower. Especially that part of the device is made in China, which does not rely on the accuracy of the terms used by translators.

In such a situation it is necessary to look for combined version, based on the installation instructions shower enclosure, with additions of common sense and practical experience of the master, who wanted to spend a few hours or days to build it. Immediately it should be noted that if the choice fell on a miracle device equipped with radio, telephone, lighting and other functions, then, regardless of whether there Are instructions for installing the shower, it is better to entrust the assembly work of professionals involved in the implementation of such products. Some design elements are so similar and at the same time fragile, that, not having the necessary skills, they are very easy to break.

But for simple options which are present in all three elements - pallet, curtain and mixer installation instructions shower, in principle, not necessary. everything is easy here. Must first establish a frame structure that supports a pallet - is required to tighten the pair of bolts and establishing construction connected in parallel sewer drain. After that you need to install a sliding curtain - there may be a useful guide for installation shower. And the last stage - the installation of the rack.

Next you need to check all the joints and the stability of the construction. If everything is in order, finally, definitely need installation instructions shower - it's possible that some elements need to be further strengthened, and any unused spare parts actually require the production of certain works on their application.

After become clear that to add to the nearly finished the shower nothing will not succeed, you need to start sealing. By themselves, the elements do not miss the water, but still the joints can present surprises. It is necessary to carefully lubricate all the cracks transparent sealant. This substance, solidify, forms a solid substance with a rubbery texture. After treatment, you can be sure that not a single drop of water can drip onto the floor.

After waiting for the time needed to pour the sealant can be safely sent to the bathroom to enjoy the shower its own assembly.

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