A little about the snap-homes

In recent years become much more popular suburban settlements of similar sites. The benefits of this solution is no doubt, because in the US it is practiced and practiced before the time of "our hruschovok". And that's only in the last few years we have been able to learn from their experience. Essentially what we get? We get a separate plot of land and a typical house, at an attractive price. The only problem of the suburbs - it's building materials. People's opinions are usually individually and for whom a house of brick is the ideal, and who prefers wood. However, the most cheap and quick to build a house is a fast-factory production. It is through such a typical home, you save a considerable amount of money.

In the Russian construction market there are already many companies that manufacture the snap cottages. Moreover, these same firms are involved and their installation. In this long-term process of building a house from scratch, it is replaced by 3-4 weeks of waiting. Perhaps you have thought about the typicality of such buildings. Indeed it is. All fast-house manufactured at the plant on a project, but they can be customized. Roofs, porches, attic, all that is possible to make individually to your home, thereby seemingly typical construction will acquire a unique design.

The fact that such a model house and the benefits of standard and unique houses stands to reason. When ordering the project at the architectural firm he remains not always unique. Over time it is put on sale. Or you can buy such a project themselves. That is, from scratch, you can build a house is not completely unique. Well Lano. Recall those days, the end of the 90's - early 2000's. When all holiday homes built on a single drawing. And it proved to be good. All stages of construction are perfectly honed and the building does not go to the protracted mode. Also with the fast-cottages, booking this type of home you'll believe that everything from its construction to the smallest moments of the operation is left to chance. Even now in Europe and the United States have full use similar technology in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, we see all the same good old construction technology of wood, brick and concrete. However, still can be seen though not large but existing settlements snap-cottages of factory production.

Dimensions of standard structures not very large. While individual projects tend to have a fairly decent quadrature. It is true because of a kind typical housing is housing an average or economy class. Normally, when the construction of small houses is not common to use a unique project. While on the plants do not produce a large area of ​​cottages. Way home economy class for 75% of the market town houses.

Let's sum up. Finally, the experience of our foreign colleagues and reached up to us, though not very rapidly, but we began to develop their technology. Talk about some exact figures is difficult, but I think that our construction market is only growing, and such Economy options town houses will become very popular among families, the elderly, and indeed as a garden.

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