Variety of LED lamps: design and operation

The development of lighting technology has led to the emergence of all kinds of light sources, which include LED lamps, now enjoys great demand. In order to understand what this type of energy-saving lamps is different from the usual, it is recommended to study their scheme and principle of operation.

Thus, in the LED are transformed from AC to DC with negligible loss on heating, with which it is connected and a high level of safety and economy. In this case, the current intensity greatly increases the brightness of the LED indicators.

Cap is a lamp part, by which it is carried to the mains contact. There are threaded and pin base, and each of them has its own symbol - «E» and «G», respectively. The first group indicating the diameter, and the second - the magnitude of the distance between pins. Choosing power LED lamps for homeIt is necessary to use a simple formula: power should be divided replaceable incandescent eight. Suppose there was a need to replace the bulb 60 Wadden to the LED in this case should be a lamp power 7.5 watts.

LED-lamps allow to choose the temperature of the light, which refers to the white color. The most suitable temperature for the room ranges from 2600K to 3200K, and 3700K from 4200K to - warm white and natural white. The characteristic tone for the lamps in the 6000 K is too bright cold white light, which causes a lot of people feeling discomfort. Lamps with a temperature below 2600 have a heavy yellow light, which creates a depressing state. Typically, these lamps have a lower price and thus made dubious manufacturers, so do not buy them, the more lighting is not suitable for the job.

The operating principle of the LED lamp makes it possible to use it to illuminate the apartments, galleries, streets, offices, as well as creating light advertising structures. Such lamps in demand, because the economical, durable, and are characterized by low emissivity. And this is not surprising, because in comparison with the existing types of lamps spend less electricity, have a long service life and is also almost no heat. Also among the advantages of LED lamps is to provide their durability. Practice shows that they are highly efficient and break down occasionally, it can not be said about ordinary fragile tubes.

Such lighters are not without drawbacks. In particular, they have increased cost and may not be used in certain lamps. But as the advantages of LED lamps more, this type of lighting is spreading rapidly, therefore, is a promising direction.

LED illuminators are available in many modern companies, but among them the highest quality - products from German manufacturers (Bioledex, VMtec et al.). German LED lamps in a wide range, ranging from the LED-lamps, ending lamp socket type E27 and E14, for which demand is high enough. This is due to the fact that they provide high-quality lighting with warm white light, which means it can be used in residential areas. Russian companies also offer LED lamp of its own production, but they are inferior in quality German counterparts, although the principle of operation and the device does not differ from them.

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