How better to remove old wallpaper from the walls in the apartment

The very first thing you will know is something that the removal of wallpaper is very agonizing and hard work; and you can not even count on it you will be able to make quick and easy, so the robot will take a lot of time and effort.

To begin, you could go to the store and buy special tools for removing wallpaper. But personally, on his experience that sense od them almost nothing, only to spend money and time. But what can really come in handy, so it spatulas, preferably two pieces: one broad and one narrow, they can be purchased at any hardware store (do not buy expensive, you can buy the cheapest, for the implementation of such a robot, they perfectly fit).

And so begin the process.

We need to take an old saucepan (or something like that), type in her hot water, and not just warm water must be that hot, almost boiling water. Find most difficult section, for example, a pipe or just in any remote place, soak the cloth in water, a rag should not be wet, but it is very wet; and you begin to rub, not just iron, but as if to rub it in their water.

When soaked wallpaper (you know it), they will gradually be removed from the wall with a cloth; at this point you take the spatula and "shave off" soaked land. For these areas more practical to use a narrow spatula. When you remove the wallpaper to remote areas, begin to take on all the others, then it will be better to use a wide spatula.

Note: Try that would not water cooled, if desired, you can add a little vinegar in it, saying that it is better penetrate under the wallpaper and glue come unstuck, I personally did not notice much of a difference, but can I have had some special glue. Thus we continue to remove the wallpaper around the perimeter of the room. After all the wallpaper removed, washed again all the walls with water and proceed to gluing the new, fresh wallpaper, pre-preparing cteny to gluing. Or if you decide to paint the walls or cover decorative Putties start this work.

Good luck to you repair!!!

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