How to install the casing for the doors

Trims used to make the frame at doorways or embedded niches. Architrave - this bill strap that has a contoured shape. Trims are an integral part of the installation of door frames. The main purpose of casing to close the gaps between the walls and door frames. If you choose the right frames, in harmony with the interior premises of all, they can perform and aesthetic purpose.

If you have installed new doors, then to hide the gaps, can not do without a door jamb. Architraves are of two types, for outdoor use and for internal. Exterior trim make beautiful and massive. If frames are no special some decorations, they are made of spruce or pine. Fake frames are well suited for decorating with carvings.

Internal trims are set so that they are issued for the bars of the box for 2-5 cm. Usually frames do 7-15 cm in width. In order to have a tight seal with the wall and a box on them from the back side make grooves. Trims for external use often do, use false details, and paint the different threads.

For proper installation of casings determine what they need to be long. It is determined in accordance with what is the size of the door frame. In places where there is a pair of parts casing, it is necessary to make a gash angle of 45 degrees. Be sure to prepare in advance holes which will be hammered finishing nails and then the nails fasten the casing surface. When installing the casing connection of all its parts are doing on their heads.

The ends of the bottom of the casing to the floor need to be fixed right up. Install trim before they will be installed baseboards. In order to strengthen the trim to the box, using special nails that have flattened cap. Nails hammered at a distance from each other of 50-70 cm. Drive nails to gently, otherwise you can damage the casing, and then fix it will not be easy.

At present there is a large production of various trims. Companies involved in their manufacture and sale, can offer a very large range. They may already be decorated with carvings, or just have a strict classical form. Trims are made not only from a natural material, but also artificial. The latter may be cheaper than natural, though frames made of wood, looks much nicer and more beautiful. Wooden casings not prevent air from flowing into the flat, do not emit harmful components into the atmosphere.

Do not rush to buy the first available frames, even if they are inexpensive. To give the room a comfortable style, make it more habitable, cover should be chosen carefully and tastefully, and choose a few

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