LVL - durable timber

If you choose the most important principle of wooden construction, it probably will be the principle - quickly build, live comfortably. Everything else in the wooden house-building today belongs to the department of technology. Any modern building is characterized by the fact that it appears first in the engineering mind, and only then expressed using the materials at hand. But if we talk about the idea of ​​functionalism, which is brought to perfection, this frame building, which is built using the LVL. Most appropriate to this idea is a laminated veneer lumber.

Historically, that the base frame house, which bears all the major load, is made of wood. According to the traditional European technology as the frame were just those most exposed wooden beams, which we often take for effective reception of the facade design.

Now frame house all made of wood and the fact there are quite objective reasons. Modern selling lumber allows each person to choose a quality and quantity of wooden materials, you can build a very strong building, and LVL in this case plays a role.

Nowadays many people think, paradoxically, that the tree can be a building material. Many only recently abandoned a promising concrete, which is certainly in no way inferior to the tree. But the tree is chosen today, not only from environmental and aesthetic reasons - as it turned out the tree enough tech stuff. Construction of wood easy enough, and the time is not much to take.

A major disadvantages, such as rotting, flammability and insufficient density can effectively be overcome by modern technology. Technologically advanced processing techniques allow the wood to change properties radically material and make its products based on fundamentally new installation and operation characteristics. These high-tech developments just refers LVL - this material is a board, planks and beams, made by glueing the veneer layers with a parallel arrangement fibers.

As a construction material of LVL has several unique properties. Unlike any other completely sawn lumber, LVL is able to keep the linear dimensions regardless of seasonal variations and fluctuations in temperature. From moisture, this material does not warp or deform.

According to such characteristics competition he could make only glulam. But LVL has a much higher strength. That is why the beam of this material is simply irreplaceable in the manufacture of pillars and slabs of great length.

If we talk about the allowable load on the bending and stretching, they are twice the corresponding figures for the ordinary lumber. Judge for yourself, but the beam length can reach 18 meters, and it speaks for itself. Incidentally important difference long products is the price, because it almost does not depend on the length.

Compared with the conventional metal and has a reinforced concrete LVL optimal ratio by weight and strength characteristics. This factor is particularly important for low-rise construction, since it does not need a device to strengthen the foundations. Such wooden materials can be moved and easy to climb up on the ground.

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