Features of lighting in the bathroom

For lighting in the bathroom should be approached very seriously. It requires a few basic ratio indicators - aesthetics, functionality and safety. Bathroom is a room in which we perform all hygiene - wash ourselves and brush your teeth, shave men, woman doing makeup. Accordingly, the lighting should be as close to daylight.

In addition, usually it is in the bathroom a washing machine. To start the wash cycle is sufficient to conventional overhead lighting. Lovers soak in the bath in a relaxed intimate atmosphere will incidentally subdued light lamp, which is set as the right just below the bath level, this is done so that the light does not hit in the eye, making it difficult to relaxation.

Preparing for installation on a suspended ceiling fixtures.

To date, the ceilings are the most popular and in demand. Of course, quite often you can see them in the bathroom. Rules fixtures mounting tension in the bathroom ceiling, virtually indistinguishable from a similar procedure in any other room of your apartment.

Variety of lighting fixtures. The first stretch ceiling fixtures for different mode of attachment - an external or internal location of the incandescent lamp. When attaching the outer bulb is below the level of stretch ceiling, respectively, it is not in an enclosed space, rapidly cooled, and brightly illuminates the room, over time this light does not affect the false ceiling, not at all damaging it. When an internal arrangement of the lamp is hidden above the level of the passage of a stretch ceiling, it stands out only decorative ring, or, depending on the lamp model - safety glass. The disadvantage of such lamps is considered to be primarily an opportunity rather quickly deform the ceiling constant heating. In addition, these lamps light up only a limited space without illuminating the entire room.

Varieties of incandescent lamps. For fixtures in the bathroom that you plan to install in suspended ceiling is chosen following bulb: Lyumistsentnye - they are chosen with a capacity of not more than 60 W to avoid overheating of the tension ceiling. LED - the best option for the bathroom, virtually no heat, and with respect to other bulbs - much cheaper. Halogen - inside a glass bulb with a filament has a special buffer gas, which is much extends the service life of such a lamp.

General requirements for luminaires. To stretch ceiling or round embodiment suitable fixtures or fixtures other shape having round landing node. The luminaire housing must be equipped with landing slate. The difference between the inner and outer diameters of the body should be at least 10 mm. In such a case the lamp would completely cover the thermal insulation ring and it will not be noticeable from the outside. When selecting bulbs is best to opt for a covered opaque paint models. This will eliminate the "transmission" of the ceiling.

Lamp power. Given the fact that at a temperature above 60 degrees, the film from which the suspended ceiling can be made overheat and deform, it is recommended to pay special attention in addition to the installation of double termokolets, also on wattage. It should be less than 60 watts, if you are installing halogen lamps - their power can be 220V or 12V. However, in the latter case, you must install a transformer with a capacity greater than the total power of the installed lamps. Exceed the recommended capacity is possible in the event that the lamp stands far enough above the ceiling surface.

Calculating the number of lamps. To the bathroom light was not too bright and, accordingly, do not "cut" the eyes, installation spotlights recommended counting one luminaire 1.5 -. 2 sq.m In some cases, the distance can be slightly decrease or increase, however, a strong deviation from the accepted norms unacceptable. As a variant of the original lighting can be used "dancing lights", the light from which travels in different directions.

ceiling markings. This action is absolutely necessary, especially if the ceiling has multiple levels. Each level requires a separate lighting circuit. Take for example the embodiment, when the distance between the lamps meter, the distance between the lamps and the wall - 60 cm. It is also necessary to stick a distance of 25-30 mm between the closest edge of the opening and baguette under the lamp. If in addition to the spotlights in the ceiling plan to install chandeliers, spotlights led away. Installing the lamp. Between the base surface and the web tension at an internal placement fixtures must be 6-7 cm when mounting the halogen lamp and 9-12 cm when using incandescent lamps. If the overhead lamps, the distance from them to the ceiling must be at least 15 cm, and ideally - from 20 to 40 cm. Suspended ceiling in any case should not be in contact with the spotlights, in this case, provided the punching blade. The maximum allowable opening, which can be done in a tensioning installation for the ceiling lamp - 15 cm. For this type of lamps is desirable to set the light dimming. It is also highly recommended to buy a special bath, protected from dust and moisture model spotlights. If you buy lamps European producers, they will be marked on the package «IP65».

Installation of the control racks. Given the fact that in itself suspended ceiling will not sustain the additional weight of spotlights, they should be installed on a special fitting pieces and adjustable racks, which will fix the lighting instruments. Reception is a structure of two guide rings and an inner diameter which coincides with the bore diameter of the lamp. With the guide, and actually made regulation adjustment ring. Mounting a bookmark, note, that later they do not interfere with the installation of stretch ceiling. Rack attached to the main ceiling with screws and dowels.

Installation of spotlights. The main wiring work consist in the laying of an electric cable to each lamp. Then, after the installation of the stretch ceiling proceed to the final step - installing fixtures, passing several stages:

to film in places where there will be a round profile lamps glue for assembly
Cut a hole on the inner contour of the round profile
expose the mounting rack
lead wires through the hole
connect fixtures

Sami lamps, which have included the thermal insulation ring (it definitely needs to be fixed on the body), must be adjusted to achieve control, so that they were all in one level.

LED Strip Light.

Original solution LED Strip Light is for additional lighting bathroom. On sale is both white and yellow, red, blue or green colors with their various shades. Mount it under the suspended ceiling. It creates a unique and original lighting effect. Due to subdued light, it is used only as a supplementary lighting.

Chandeliers in the form of balls - video.

Chandeliers in the form of balls, are a universal solution. They are ideal for installation in any room of your apartment, whether it's a living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. The market offers a variety of data models of chandeliers from a simple ball and to entire cascades of interconnected spheres. When choosing a chandelier in the shape of a ball for the bathroom you need to consider the same requirements as for any other fixtures in the room with high humidity:

  • • Protective Marking IP65
  • • Dust protection
  • • Protection against water
  • • rigid, non-body formation of cracks
  • • The coating is resistant to mechanical damage
  • • tightness.

Mounts for lamps with their own hands.

Installing and mounting the chandelier or luminaire in the suspended ceiling, the process is really simple. All that is required of you - is accurate and consistent implementation of the following recommendations. Consider a few options for mounting.

1. Fixing by anchor. Basically ceiling hammer drilled hole into which the anchor is inserted into the cylinder, it in turn screwed bolt. When purchasing, choose an anchor bolt which is offered in the form of a hook. In this case you need is just to adjust the height and hook to hang the lamp.
2. Mounting ramp. Skip to main screwed ceiling wooden beams - a ramp, and already it is screwed lamp base.
3. Fixing screws. Over an area of ​​tension ceiling in the main ceiling mounted wooden tab, to which by means of screws, screwed lamp base
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