Methods of alignment of the walls with his own hands

Work on leveling the surface of bearing walls of the house are an integral step in capital home repairs and, like any other repair work can be carried out by various technology. Method alignment walls usually selected based on the starting material and the surface quality of the walls, and also planned finishing method, often alignment technology is a method of simultaneously finishing walls.

Whichever method of repair has not been used for leveling of surfaces of walls, to know what are the different ways alignment of the walls is necessary for each master in the general classification of all technologies align the walls can be divided into three groups. Since the walls in the house can be leveled with mortar and solid surfacing materials, and the method of alignment is the construction of false walls.

Alignment walls mortar can be carried out using mixtures of cement, plaster and putty, cement mortars are used more for repairs and the initial alignment significantly rickety walls. Plaster is used to align the part of the decorative wall surfaces, plaster can be straightened slight curvature, and impart smoothness putty plastered walls.

Alignment walls solid surfacing materials is the traditional way to repair the walls, carried out with the help of wood, particle board, gypsum board, plastic panels and a variety of other materials. Decorating can be mounted on the wall with point substrates, but more often for wall coverings pre-erected crate, it serves as the basis for finishing the array.

Alignment of the walls by building false walls similar to the construction of crates, and its subsequent technology cladding, but in this case the frame under the finishing material is elevated 30-60 cm away from the adjusting walls. In fact, false wall is a wall built near the bearing wall, but usually false wall is being built not for leveling walls, and to conceal the communication.

When choosing a method of repair rickety walls, thus, trying to answer the question of how to straighten the walls in the house unnecessary to forget about the details of decoration, it is also possible to straighten curved surfaces walls. Properly selecting the color, pattern and texture of the finish of the fabric, even considerably curved walls in the house, you can make an almost perfect visual flatness.

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