Tile laying technique for beginners

Ceramic tiles or flooring is widely used for decoration of walls and floors premises like housing, and official appointments, distribution tile served as its distinctive from other properties and arrays quality. Ceramic tiles are mechanically strong, so strong and durable, it is unpretentious in the care and at the same time characterized by low cost, ease of installation, maintenance and removal.

Superior quality ceramic tile is considered its liquid-tight property, which is why tile is used for veneer flooring bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for spot decoration of the walls of different destination. But despite the widespread dissemination and use of tiles in almost every home, on their own are able to lay ceramic tile is not all the masters.

Technology laying tile is simple enough, reading the recommendations on the device of ceramic tiles, floor tiles decoration will not cause problems even for novice masters.

The main requirement for the basis of the planned for finishing ceramic tiles is considered the strength and level of its surface, wherein the surface material to be decorated can be either a concrete or wooden base. Accordingly, the tiles can be laid on wooden and concrete floor to the main floor is flat, solid, dry and clean.

Preparation for laying the floor tiles involves leveling the floor and removal of small defects on the surface, as well as the compulsory processing floor sealer and primer.

Preparing to finish the floor surface of the floor tiles need to partition, for that between the diagonal corners walls of the room you need to pull a thread, filaments crossing point will be the center of the room, its position should be moved to floor. Through the center point on the floor is necessary to draw a horizontal line and thus divide the floor in the room into four equal parts.

Then you need to prepare an adhesive composition, apply it evenly with a spatula to place the tile fixing, pressed to the tile sex, little obstuchal and similarly paste second tile into the seam of each newly glued tiles should be inserted spacers.

Begin to lay tile on the floor should be a center of the room, mark laying the first tile will angle two intersecting lines on the floor, the next tile need to be put in a row for the first tile, equaling the line on floor. Laying out a row of tiles, you can start laying the second and subsequent rows, while finishing the main floor space, leaving small gaps near the walls.

After laying the main part of a tile floor to survive until the glue has dried, then napilit tile size to the remaining near the walls of the gaps, to mount it on the conventional technology and again floor stand until dry and then removed spacers.

The joints of tiles near the walls of the room are subject to deformation, so they are more sensible to fill elastic sealant such as silicone, seams between the tiles should overwrite using a special grouting.

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