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Nowadays towelNot counting the fact that they dry towels are required to heat the bathroom to have a trendy look and approach the room interior. They are required to work in a completely any time of year, in order to ensure the normal temperature in the room.

Towel comes in three forms:

1) water;

2) power;

3) combined.

water devices are commonplace and unremarkable. They can be connected to the hot water or the heating system. This device has a drawback. If hot water is not possible, the prior will not work.

To begin to determine where you will be connected to the device. You have two options for hot water or heating system. Ate you choose through the heating system, to get started is to write a statement in housing office. Then, when you choose the location for the radiator, it is necessary to minimally reduce costs, when you conduct the water to the unit. To put it is necessary so that it does not interfere, and you feel comfortable to move. Do not forget that the device must be heated once the whole room.

If you decide to connect the device to the WAN, then it must be done by installing it on a parallel to the main highway.

Before you begin installation, you must turn off the flow of water. If circumstances allow you to, and you can shut off the water only at home, it's wonderful. If it does not go well, that will have to cover the entire drain completely. This should inform the neighbors.

First install the workaround on it will flow hot thicker than water. To create the path to the liner, stainless steel is used. To equip three ways to use the gate.

Next to the device should be bolted brackets. Often they are bought separately from the set. A pencil to make a mark for mounting. If you have a tiled wall, the hole in it is worth doing, using a drill. The resulting hole is necessary to insert the plug, stick the towel warmer to the wall, and attach to the wall.

If you can not, for any reason connected to the heating system or hot water, you can use the electric device. They have their own advantages: easy to install, they are compact, can regulate their work. To install an electric towel warmer will not have to carry out some important works, should connect it to the socket on the two hundred and twenty volts.

By the combined instrument panel are the same water, but they are built in heater, it is electric. So if you have not received the hot water, you can always go to the electric method.

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