How to use the sliding partitions zoning living space

Everything for a large room, you can use the sliding partitions, which will help reduce the cost of the improvement of living space and expand the possibilities of one-room flat.

The variety of designs you can create any design. Partitions can be made from different materials. Free shape and the partition can be cleaned if necessary, and then again placed in the desired location.

design Features

Mobile screens distinguishes lightness and compactness of design. They can be folded in a matter of minutes or decompose. Such design consists of a number of folding sections. Easy-to-use, mobile partitions allow you to quickly divide the room into two parts, or turn it into a large hall.

The use of such structures, which vaguely resemble closets, allow to diversify the situation in terms of usable area of ​​deficiency. Will provide a variety of design solutions. It should be such construction is cheap, pick up material for sliding partitions can be a specific style decision.

Pros zoning via mobile partitions

To create a multi-functional living space does not necessarily create a stationary partitions. You can preserve the benefits of studio apartments and rooms, which has a few rooms, if the use of mobile folding screens.

In most dwellings set pretty light stationary partitions, which are not intended to create a strong soundproofing. They only cover a part of visual space. Instead, you can set sliding partitionsThat effectively complement the interior, if they make a certain type of material.

In contrast to stationary structures foldable mobile wall can be removed at any time, which will increase the space. Such designs do not occupy the usable area and allow to change the layout of the premises as required by its owners. Variants of cell structures can be different - from the conventional screens, to complex models. These partitions will expand opportunities of redevelopment of premises. The advantages of sliding partitions are:

free design of such structures;
choice of any materials for their manufacture;
the use of stylish accessories, emphasizing the exclusivity of design in all rooms;
Lack of financial, physical and time on installation costs.

As can be zoned residential space using mobile partitions?

Sliding partitions can be used differently in a residential area. Depending on their needs, the owner of the housing space disconnect

kitchen area from the dining room;
living room from the dining room;
bedroom from the working cabinet;
baby from the living room.

This is only a small part of the options for the use of sliding partitions. Use them very easily. This design is placed on a gross basis for all of the demarcation line, leaving only the entrance to another area open. Such partitions can be put on the rollers, which will act as a boundary line of two different zones. Moving the design segment, you can create different versions of the visual perception of space.

A variety of designs of sliding partitions

Partitions may be transparent, deaf with additional functionality. Effectively will look partition as bookshelves or large cells in which you can store useful things. If necessary, such a structure can easily move along the guide in the desired direction.

To separate the rest zones or working room can use blind baffle, which may have soundproofing. To distinguish between the dining room and kitchen space suit transparent design, which will help even visually enlarge the space.

When you install any of sliding structures in residential areas should consider the lighting in both parts of zoned space. When installing the walls of opaque materials need to install additional light sources.


To create a mobile wall can be used any material. It can be wood, glass, metal, polymer materials. On the walls are often installed frame: wooden slats,

transparent or frosted plastic;
the cloth,
heavy-duty glass;

For each type of material you can find the right accessories that will underline the exclusivity and originality of these partitions. Such movable panel may be blind, translucent or wholly transparent. Choosing a model of mobile screens depends on the specifics of the premises and interior requests of the landlord.

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