Visited Guangzhou, we were surprised at how ordinary Chinese live.

Affairs came to the city of Guangzhou and simultaneously paid attention to how the Chinese live, it was very interesting to see how they live Luda not in the capital, where a lot of tourists, namely in a simple town.

At the entrance to the city from the airport we were met by a huge apartment buildings, given that we were traveling on the high-altitude flyover, it seems that the house height of 40-50 floors.

High-rise buildings in Guangzhou
High-rise buildings in Guangzhou

The city is very large, even by comparison with Moscow, but another surprise, a lot of greenery. It is everywhere, even in the middle among the skyscrapers and business centers of large parks and literally every klochochek land planted with trees.

Business cents is certainly interesting, but what's on people's lives, so we went for a walk from house to house, and already there were no tall buildings of the old buildings.

Houses all gray, curtained with air conditioning and a balcony filled with literally every laundry is dry.

Here's what we talked about, is the center of the city, and around trees.

In general, our opinion has changed a bit after the trip, because until then it seemed that the city is very dirty, densely built up and sploshnyakom in new buildings.

They of course also have, and this is the view from the window of one such apartment on the 16th floor th. Houses are very close to each other and can literally talk to a neighbor across the street.

The Chinese themselves, those who have their own property live by our standards is not bad. Unfortunately, the owners do not want us to upload photos from the apartment.

But if you go to a neighboring yard, then there's another house, one can see that they are already very worn.

Would you like to do in his apartment this repair? Or you would like to change?

Send us the story of your repair on mail[email protected]if you want to share your results
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