Features of different types of underfloor heating

Used mainly heated floors in two forms: water and electrice. There are also air heated floors, but they are rare and very expensive, so they will not be considered.

Total between water and electrical floor - it belongs to the low-temperature heaters. The temperature of the heated surface typically does not exceed 32 ° C. Heat is radiated throughout the floor.

General arrangement of underfloor following:

or below is a concrete foundation soil, which paving top layer of insulation and waterproofing. Next the concrete floor is laid with the inclusion of heat-generating elements (depending on the type of flooring: water pipe or electrical cable).

The advantage of underfloor compared with radiator heating in the uniform distribution of warm air inside the room, no drafts, more comfortable temperature.
The temperature of heating may be adjusted. For this purpose, provided the thermostat, helping to maintain the desired temperature of the floor. When the device water sexes is regulated by the supply amount of the heated water while in the embodiment Elektropol - quantity of electricity.

Mainly used in two modes of underfloor heating: simply to provide additional comfort or as a complete heating system. These modes differ only in capacity.
If you have already built home owners decided during repairs to improve the atmosphere with the help of a comfortable warm floors mode, there are two possible options:

  • 1) Disenchantable old floor (not less than 10 cm deep), and a new floor mounted fuel rods within the concrete screed previously laid under her 3-cm layer insulation. However, it does not always have the opportunity to conduct such work.
    2) The heating elements are placed on an existing floor, the top layer is filled with a thin screed. However, this option is risky because they do not always know what is in the old floor and whether the bottom insulation. Possible loss of thermal energy.

If Heated floor mounted as a complete heating system housing, the necessary pre-heat calculation, after which the desired equipment can be selected.

Applying radiant floor heating as a complete system, it is advantageous to use a heat storage system. Its principle of operation is as follows: if the apparatus electrical cable sexes drown (not less than 10 cm thick) thick concrete screed, we obtain a similarity of the storage tank.

If the floor is heated at night when fewer disruptions with electricity and lower its cost, the day it will be possible to enjoy the accumulated heat. If the accumulative system is based on the water floor, then as a heat storage is a special storage tank.

Design and installation of any heating system - a very complex process. Trust should be only to professionals. Manufacturing process pilaf and warm water, and electrical basis, little different: processes piping and electric cables identical. But cable require more careful handling during pouring concrete, since it can not prevent the emergence of passes in the form of air bubbles - this threatens the further use of overheating and burnout of the cable system floors.

Features of different types of underfloor heating

Each of the types of underfloor heating, there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, eThe electrical floors It does not require additional maintenance during their use, but electricity is more expensive than other sources of heat. The heating process is quite simple to control electric fields, as each room is equipped with thermostat, but in large areas there is a need to install additional, often not cheap electrical equipment.
When installing underfloor water often cost even without covering, heating tubes hidden in layers of drywall. A thermostatic control valves and help maintain the temperature in a room with high precision.

water floor ideal for heating large areas. When heating a small area (about 1m2), better use of electric floor.
In practice, warm floors showed the life of more than 50 years. Arrangement on the basis of their heating system saves up to 15% of the energy costs for heating, and the percentage of savings increases with increasing height of the room. Therefore, the growing popularity of underfloor heating.

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