Why did I choose the repair of suspended ceilings

suspended ceilings - is a convenient and most importantly fast and with high aesthetic appeal variant decoration of different purposes. With its high strength, durability, moisture resistance, a large selection of colors, textures, hanging rack ceiling It provides the ability to combine them to meet a wide variety of interiors.


Note Important: suspended ceilings represent long narrow panels and specially designed harness for attaching them. Material panels - generally steel or aluminum having a thickness of 0.3 to 0.6 mm. The metal base coated with lacquer stoving.

Speaking of the suspension system, it should be noted in the structure supporting profiles, suspensions, end profile, called skirting board. In the support section suspended ceilings - special strips of the same metal as the panels themselves, but a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm, has special grooves that serve to mount rack ceiling panels. They can be executed in full metal or perforated form. Recently, for better ventilation and higher acoustic properties of the room.

Types of suspended ceilings

Allocate suspended ceilings open or closed types. The first assembled alternate gaps between panels are filled mezhreechnymi inserts. Inserts for the same variation in color and structure as for the panel. This allows to create a uniform and ceiling coating, and to provide any hints relief elements, lamps, create accented zone.

Types of suspended ceilings have Yazichi closed on each panel, closing mezhreechnoe space. Using the insert is not required.

The use of suspended ceilings

These ceilings are used almost everywhere: apartments, houses, offices, shops, gyms, warehouses, various institutions and even restaurants and cafes. Especially, they are indispensable in areas that have high humidity, or where there is a need for regular wet cleaning of all surfaces. With undeniable advantages as regards design, suspended ceilings and also very practical in helping to easily hide wiring and a variety of communication in the ceiling void.

The advantages of suspended ceilings

Durability. Made of steel or aluminum, coated with a multilayered decorative and protective coating rack ceiling panel is not warped, not rust, not burn out in the sun. Service life is not less than 25 years.

Versatility. Possible to use suspended ceilings in all areas, including those where there are increased requirements for moisture resistance, impact resistance.

The diversity of the model range and the ability to combine them. Width Range panels from 30 to 400 mm, there may be any shades - design space is immense.

Environmentally friendly. All elements of suspended ceilings eco-friendly, safe for human and animal health.

Hygiene. Not at all conducive to the damp room - no rot, no mold, no dust, the panel is easy to wash with warm some water with the addition of a non-abrasive detergent.

Moisture resistance. Suspended ceilings are not afraid of operation in humid conditions - be it swimming pool, a water park, or just open veranda, etc.

Fire resistance. Material suspended ceilings absolutely nonflammable (if it is made of metal) During heating does not release harmful substances. Apply these ceilings is possible even with high requirements for fire safety.

Unproblematic embedding fixtures. Unproblematic placement of air ducts, electrical wiring, and any other communications within the suspension system. Each of the bars can be easily dismantled, and is also easy to put back, thus guaranteed fast access to paved communications systems.

Light Reflectance. Excellent light reflection suspended ceilings often makes it possible not to use additional lights in the daytime.

Sound absorption. The required degree of perforating the panels allows to install suspended ceilings with significant acoustic absorption.

Quick installation. Assembling suspended ceilings do not require any pre-treatment, if excluding the "dirty" milestone, with only takes a few hours.

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