Man with his hands made for the wife of a shelf under the TV and photo frame. Photos Before / After.

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An excellent example for those who have the skills and shurupovernom plasterboard and some free time. Man during the repair by looking at how much is now worth furniture for TV and that they are generally all the same, not interesting and decided to make their own bulky imagine such a thing.

Repairs in the room, and so do, so no problems should not be, and work began.

Pre-man planned how and where will be located the shelf, and actually began to sculpt.

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Of the metal profile we have created a framework for future shelves and prepared everything to the skin plasterboard.

Further specially made harness under the backlight, which is planned to be used on almost every shelf, plus the need to bring outlet for TV and other consoles.

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Only after all this and brought sheathed plasterboard input cables for wiring.

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Further, the top drywall putty and prepared for further decorating.

When completed, the structure painted white, from below to install an electric fireplace and installed lighting to TVs.

In general, it looks very not difficult in production and is very functional and unusual.

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What would change? Value at all bother and make repairs, or and so it was okay?

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