Can I use liquid wallpaper in the bathroom?

Quite often in the homes of our fellow citizens can find no ordinary wallpaper, as the so-called liquid. This choice of finishing materials is not accidental, because the liquid wallpaper have a great range of benefits that allow them to be used in almost any room.

Because of its properties, a special liquid wallpaper widespread in areas where constant dampness prevails - the bathroom and kitchen. When choosing finishing materials, rest assured - liquid wallpaper in the bathroom will serve you far more than one year. Liquid wallpaper is a dry powder which, prior to application to the surface mixed with paint. This substance dries very quickly, so do not hesitate to applying it to the surface. In its composition contains liquid wallpaper cotton, cellulose and textile fibers.

Liquid wallpaper is the most popular material used for painting and repairs in the bathroom. More and more people as the walls and ceilings used exactly this decoration material, because the use of liquid wallpaper in the bathroom due to advantages and useful characteristics of the fabric (among them of particular note: water absorption, water vapor permeability, heat- and soundproofing).

  • Liquid wallpaper have many advantages that allow them to fully compete with the other finishing materials used for decoration in the bathroom. When using a liquid wallpaper on the surface do not remain the seams, which is very practical and avoids the prior spackling.

Just liquid wallpaper is very environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic substances, therefore they should be used not only in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but in the nursery. Among the advantages of liquid wallpaper: high heat and sound insulation, resistance to frost and resistance to fading.

However, among the advantages of the fabric there are also disadvantages. Chief among them - this wallpaper characterized by a high hygroscopic, ie ability to absorb into its structure and moisture evaporation. Therefore, liquid wallpaper had not recommended to use in humid rooms - kitchens and bathrooms, but Today the producers completely "redrawn" composition and properties of this fabric, making liquid wallpaper shortcomings in their dignity.

Now liquid wallpaper in the bathroom, not only effectively resist humidity and permanent differences temperature, but also save you from the stuffiness and fogging mirrors (due to drying agent and vapor-permeable properties).

The process of applying liquid wallpaper does not take much time and effort to cope with them, even a beginner to repair - it needs fill them suitable container, diluted with water and applied to the primed surface in advance roller or spray gun. To make the bathroom walls extra resilience - should cover the surface of the liquid wallpaper lacquer.

We should not forget that the walls are covered with paint, no longer "breathe." In addition, using liquid wallpaper in the bathroom, no surface preparation is required, which is very convenient and saves time.

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