Advantages of ventilation in the apartment

Ventilation facilities used for receipt and purification of the fresh air of dust and to remove already exhaust through the exhaust vent or vents.

The principle of operation of such a system is to ensure that the premises are constantly circulating air layer, where major role in this process is the fan recessed area in the kitchen apron, which draws in air from the room streets. The remaining components of the ventilation system are the solutions for minor problems, however, in its essence, it is not less important.

Typically, outlets installed in the apartments at the stage of construction and are located in bathrooms and kitchens. It is through these special boxes in the air will be removed later, while the new flow through windows and doors. Of course, nothing is easier and more practical than these ventilation model, but the inflow system has the same disadvantages as the natural, namely: dependence on temperature, atmospheric conditions and other factors. In addition, if we take into account the modern popularity of plastic windows, the expediency of such a system is reduced to a minimum. Because in order to ensure normal conditions for being indoors, you need to constantly open the window to fill the room with fresh air.

Modern systems of mechanical ventilation perfectly cope with this kind of problem. Based on the elements which are part of the system, and varies the final cost. The simplest such system involves the installation of ventilation, located in a specially prepared hole in the wall or window. To prevent cold air in the room in winter, the system is equipped with a heater, and special protection against overheating. The presence of the air filter enables to make outdoor air purification from dust. Based on the characteristics, the incoming air can be cleaned, cooled, heated, humidified or dehumidified.

Such splicers ventilation systems are an excellent solution to provide for significant floor space, which is more than 300 sq. m. If the area ranges from 50 to 250kV m., for the maintenance of ventilation is better to use blowing monobloc design of small dimensions. In addition, there is no need for pre-planning and pre-commissioning activities, but have all the advantages of typesetting systems. These one-piece setup is ideal for ventilation, both in the office and residential premises.

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