Kitchen design, combined with the audience

If you are interested in the question of combining the kitchen and living room to create a so-called studio, it is necessary to start determine whether to allow the layout of your apartment is fully or partially remove the partition between the room and the adjacent kitchen.

Currently, there are more willing to make alterations to the apartment with a view to more effective use of living space.

One of the ways to optimize the use of living space was to combine the kitchen and hall. This makes it possible to get a spacious room, which is used not only for cooking but also for recreation, communication with guests and family members, as well as to joint family dinners.

After all, we know that in the conventional panel houses the kitchen, with a fairly small size, do not allow it to come to a lot of people. No need to worry about partitioning wall demolition or transfer to another place: it is technically possible to implement. This can make any construction organization. The main thing to start it right to issue the BTI, make Architectural project and to have all the documentation. This is done in the first place, so as not to disturb the load-bearing structures at home.

After remodeling made, and the kitchen has become one with adjoining room, we should define the location of a new building zones. The new spacious room can be perfectly positioned kitchen - island, it is well suited for people who love to cook. A corner view layout allows convenient and functionally distinguish between a seating area with work area.

To do this, you can set the original type small rack bar. If you plan the location of kitchen furniture in one line, it is possible to free up the maximum space for dining. Delineate rest zone and working zone is possible by means of false ceilings, various arches in the openings and projecting from the structure and columns.

For this purpose, also good to use different types of flooring (in each of the zones of different types of coating used). For example, in the work area the kitchen can use a tile or linoleum, but in the food and reception area in a recreation area use the parquet. Apart from this work areas can be identified via a floor covering of the same type, but of different colors. It emphasizes boundaries of each zone and decorative lighting.

The work area is better to use halogen lamps and spotlights, and a recreation area to give preference to the standard general lighting and daylight. At each of the zones produce individual window decoration according to the interior area.
In the studio, even an ordinary kitchen furniture looks quite different. When planning the interior of the premises should be noted that some of the details, it is desirable to hide from prying eyes. For this purpose, make good use of a variety of sliding doors made of plastic or wood.

With their help it is easy to hide a working kitchen area, as in the extended state of the door becomes a wall dining room zone, and the door retracted state will serve a decorative panel, behind which kept kitchen inventory. For this purpose, also successfully used portable partitions.

The same function is performed by a bar, recreation area and delimiting the work area. It covers perfectly located in one line kitchen furniture, sink and stove, as well as being a key element of a kitchen. The bar can be positioned on the part of the demolished wall between the lounge and kitchen. However, this type of rack performs only a decorative function. It can be used for breakfasts and teas.

The second embodiment is a bar without the base. When using it in the rack, you can install a refrigerator, boxes for the bar, and, if necessary, it is possible to place the sink and stove.
To the interior of the new dining room looked organically and stylish furniture and appliances should be placed not only on the basis of your habits. When it is necessary to consider the location of design requirements for the interior.

Not every apartment has plenty of room for the commission of such alterations, but in a relatively small area of ​​the apartment, you can create original interiors kitchen-dining room. For such interiors instead of the usual sets for the kitchen you need to use a mini kitchen.

This headset is on small size area has basic cooking elements: plate, drying for dishes, a sink and a number of cabinets.

Manufacturers offer such pattern having an area of ​​not more than 1.7x 0.9 m. The working area when using such kitchen mini easily separated from the rest time zone septum. In the relaxation area is located a table for lunch, sofa and other furniture.

TV to save space on the bracket is suspended, without taking up space in the room.
If the demolition of the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent room is not possible (the wall can be a carrier), it is necessary to consider other options of redevelopment.

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