The popular German style. The interior in the style of Biedermeier

Biedermeier It is considered to be a very popular German style, which is the result of "poverty" Empire and its subsequent adaptation to the life of ordinary German citizens. Palace interiors liked everything, but not everyone can draw a house in the palace style. Biedermeier I was able to realize the convenience and respectability Empire and comfort, simplicity, easy sentimentality of the bourgeois home. This style is popular today. He's not particularly difficult to recreate.

To use this style tend to moderate, warm colors: yellow, blue, pink. The walls are painted, but it is possible to paste over wallpaper of their (self-colored and decorated not pretentious, simple patterns). As a finishing material for the walls is suitable timber, it is necessary to give preference only to the bright.

Floors, if desired, decorated fluffy and warm or light, thin floors. Pull out one requirement: carpets should only be monophonic. Biedermeier different one vivid detail - is the door-talker. It is divided in half in the middle, so that the lower and upper half of the door open independently of each other.

The northern part of the country very different from the south. Here we are being even dialect (not always a northerner and southerner can understand each other, their different dialects), as well as the interiors. Biedermeier could be different. Thus, in the northern part of Germany, it is peculiar to the use of light large windows, shades of blue, the abundance of warm carpets. And in the southern part is dominated by warm tones, the interiors are decorated with many elements, carpets - thin.

Some features of Biedermeier furniture once borrowed from the empire. It is smooth and curved lines, soft upholstery, plain and austere patterns, bent and carved legs. Furniture created solely of wood, its surface is left untreated or lacquered. To create a luxurious interior can be decorated furniture imitation or real gold leaf. This ornament will bring style to the Empire style.

The main decoration of houses in the style of "Biedermeier" - a marble fireplace. Today, it is not a prerequisite. You can do an imitation.

German typical home decoration - it photographs and paintings in massive wooden frames, which are located very original. For example, they hang in the middle of the room, attaching fishing line from the ceiling.

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