What are the advantages of a brick furnace was embodiment for bath

Today, many spend their weekends at the cottage. And, perhaps, each owner of your own holiday home by the end of the week looks forward to the hour when able to take a break from work, people in the country, relax in the company of friends and, of course, warm up in the bathhouse.

After all, now Bath - it is an integral part of any private country house building, which is essential to the economy!
It sets out the construction of such buildings, the owner of any land to decide the following questions: How many people will step in Bath; whether it will be combined with the other buildings on the site; which it will be installed inside the oven. And if the first two questions you've been able to solve, it is necessary to move on to the most responsible: the choice of the type of furnace.

The furnace is better to choose brick, rather than iron, because the material even in hot form would not overheat the room, and thus desiccate the skin. Masonry oven is a time-consuming process, and the total cost of the work is large, but the end result is worth it! It has long been an art professional stove-maker valued very highly. Now masonry fireplaces are engaged only specialists in their field who do not have one year of practice.

What are the advantages of it is brick variation?

Furnaces of this material requires a long firelighter which is about 4 hours. But long furnace has an important advantage, namely for a period of time It made uniform heating surfaces of the walls and floor space, which contributes to more comfortable guy.

Unlike ironwork, brick oven keeps the heat longer. Therefore, there is no need for reheating, as the stones at the optimum temperature for 7-8 hours after the damper is closed. In addition, even the next day the room will have a comfortable temperature for bathing without hovering.

Panel allows you to create steam in a very gentle heat, evenly distributed over all surfaces. The temperature range will be from 35 to 42 degrees at the bottom, and up to 65 degrees at the top.

Since the temperature range is not great, there is no circulation and convection - the air is stationary. During steaming, the steam going above the ceiling, while not being cooled, and consequently does not condense.

Properly folded oven made of brick, you can enjoy to the maximum comfortable atmosphere of Russian bath

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