Magnesium oxide wallboard: applying a finishing work

The product is used as a building material. With the help of this product may get the original design. LSU was originally conceived as an analogue of modern plasterboard. But the expectations of its creators it is not justified. To find out about the quality of the material, its real possibilities, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the characteristics.

Steklomagnezitovye plate - building product for finishing sheet type. Produce it from mineral substances. At the core of the product is also vermiculite and perlite is expanded. For a better connection between the elements in the structure introducing compound oxide and magnesium chloride.

What is important to know about LSU?

Such material is considered to be sufficiently durable and practical. After fastening material is often used for the manufacture of Emery and ambrazivnogo type. During molding, drying, transportation experts retain the product shape with the glass fiber. It is fixed on all sides. Thus, a product with inert elements that are environmentally friendly, since it does not contain harmful himkomponentov.

magnesium oxide wallboard characterized by certain physical and mechanical properties. They are very similar to those of drywall. Chief among them - high density, excellent adhesion, good flexibility. Important feature is resistance to fire, wherein the heat conductivity is low enough. This makes it possible to use the product as a thermal insulation material. Often it is used to optimize the fire in rooms with metal frame.

Attention should be paid to the possibility of steklomagnezita resist moisture. Manufacturers in one voice say that the product is not able to be filled with water and get wet, do not change its overall dimensions. But this issue has caused much controversy that gave rise to the opinion of the non-viability of SML.

Is the technology is not perfect?

From the facts, and especially the "live" feedback on the network, can not escape. After all, people who have purchased a sheet of glass, were very unhappy. What so troubled people? Firstly, it is a deformation of the material. Secondly, it is seen a very small period of operation - after 6 months the tile body was broken. As it seems, such a material is better to forget forever. But experts know that with the help steklomagnezita built massive buildings that pose very high demands on builders.

But the problem is not so easy to leave. After all, most of the product has no specific markings, the type of sheet according to the quality, confirmed by a certificate. Wine rests on the shoulders of manufacturers, which often for creating sheets, use of poor quality raw materials, production technology constantly breaking.

The important role played by the discrepancy product application. After the material was originally positioned as an absolute analog of drywall. But, if you look, it's not quite true. So we can say only one form of a sheet. The others can not replace a popular building material. This steklomagnezit referred to as "Premium Standard". But, experts say, such a change has no economic base. Therefore cheaper to use plasterboard.

Where better to usea sheet of glass?

Modern domestic market can not always boast of high-quality building materials. Therefore, the conventional moisture LSU. It is best to use it for technological purposes. they are not suitable for painting and decorating. Inexpensive material may be used for the creation of fire protection layers, shuttering non-removable type.

How to distinguish steklomagnezit different classes, and not to be mistaken? This can be done by the visual method. First you need to determine the density of the product, pay attention to the price. The buyer has the right to request documents from the broker on the product - certificates of quality and compliance with fire safety. If this package is available, you can refer to the product with great confidence. In such cases, they are even used for interior decorating. A case where a sheet of glass used for temporary roof covering. He was able to endure none autumn rain, and then stood under the heavy snow cover and 40-degree cold.

Coating of such products does not require thorough primer as it has good adhesion. Before painting allowed to use a small cosmetic putty layer. It applies only to the seams. Before pasting wallpaper manufacturers recommend to soak the walls of wallpaper paste several times.

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