Coffered ceiling: what it is, the design of coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings were invented for the first time in Greece. Coffered ceiling is a special kind of ceiling, which consists of various depressions, beams and cells. Coffered recess various shapes from rectangular to circular.

If you look closely at the old historical, where the action takes place in a castle - you will see luxurious ceilings with their curves, recesses, which make the entire interior at once much richer and memorable.

This type of ceiling appeared a long time before it was used not as a decoration, but on the contrary, it tried to reduce the weight of the ceiling panels, and thus relieve the beams. To give a good view, it was decorated like paintings and stucco. And, thus gaining an essential composition of the ancient castles century.

Coffered ceilings were very relevant in the era of the Renaissance, it was, of course, very expensive, so could afford the luxury of only kings, such ceilings are often present in the castles, palaces.

Coffered ceilings make any area a lot more, whether it be living room, bedroom or office. Coffered ceilings further improve the acoustics in the rooms, so these ceilings are even suitable for theaters.

Coffered ceilings there are so many, which impresses with its variety! Modern technology brought to the fact that this ceiling is very easy to attach as an ordinary suspended ceilings. Coffered ceilings are not cheap, because it is made of precious wood, such as ash, oak, beech.

Modern coffered ceiling

The design of the ceiling is so versatile that it can be inserted into any fixtures and if you make a backlight under the frosted glass so that the light is scattered, it will simply fabulous atmosphere. Such a ceiling - it's just a piece of art that can bring joy to the inhabitants of a house or apartment for long times.

Design coffered ceiling to the living room and hallway in a classical style

In modern times coffered ceilings do not become the supporting structure and the decorative. Ceilings have several elements. The first depends on the design, that is, the transverse and longitudinal beams, which are no less important - a frame structure. The second considered decor, painting, any curbs, cornices.

The style in which you want to see the room as a whole, must be present and on the ceiling. And it depends not only on its surroundings. Want something classic (such as an office or an office) - choose a standard square shape and classic design (painting).

To begin with, what is the classic design in this case.

Interior items with different thread of expensive materials. If it is a living, then surely a home fireplace framed by a granite-stone or marble, etc. And of course an integral part of our - our ceilings.

Coffered ceiling in the living room

By the combination of colors is necessarily present light colors such as:.. Beige, pistachio, cream, etc., are present saturated brown shades of wood, and gold.

Often choose leather furniture, expensive carpets and candles. Classicism in the design is characterized by the fact that everything in it is constructed and arranged strictly and correctly. Not present any chaos in this style. Correct geometry and symmetry of the volume proportions - everything you need.

What people choose this style?

Most people who appreciate the comfort and tranquility of your home or office - choose this style. In such a house man rest from all the bustle, this is the place where all is quiet and correct. This design can be made in any room, but it is worth remembering, in some areas it is not necessary to mount such ceilings. They repeatedly reduce the height of the room! That is to do them in a room where the ceiling height is less than 2500 m2 is unacceptable!

Coffered ceiling in the bedroom

How to make a coffered ceiling of wood with their hands?

There are many ways how to make a coffered ceiling. It is, as a budget option and ceilings at high prices. You can buy ready-made parts, assembly of which does not take you much effort and you just need to attach them to the ceiling. But you yourself can make your ceiling! It is what you want, of any form, by purchasing all the necessary materials and using certain tools.

Now a little bit more about the materials.


Tree - this is an expensive way to arrange your apartment or house. We need a lot of experience in handling the details, if you want to do with her hands.

The most simple - do it "framework" caissons. They are like picture frames, only much larger. However, you can buy ready-made blanks, which will only need to cut it at the required size and assemble. With inserts more complicated: you have to choose a kind of wood that it had clear and expressive drawing texture. If you do decide to make a coffered ceiling yourself, with no experience do not start, practice to begin with, as in this case important precision and patience!


Good stuff, which allows you to create caissons without too much difficulty. The ceiling of this material is a plurality of identical cells, created in the factory. They just need to stick to the surface of the floor decks.

It requires no decoration, except for the area of ​​the finished painting the ceiling. To paint a ceiling can be completely different, but most often used to use gold paint, usually it is isolated parts of the decor. This material is considered the most cheap compared to the rest.


This material is almost exactly the same as the texture of wood, for which he gained his popularity harm to consumers. MDF is very similar to the tree and the structure and design, suitable for different breeds.

Coffered ceiling of MDF

The cost of using this material will be much higher than that of analog, made of polyurethane, but still less than the parts made of wood. Ease of installation gives a great advantage to this material. But there is a downside: these panels are afraid of water and can be easily damaged, so you should be careful.

gypsum plasterboard

This material can be safely used for the caissons on the ceiling. Its main feature - a smooth surface. In this regard, it can be easy to decorate, paint and decorate. This option is acceptable for the price, it is not expensive and cheaper MDF wooden counterpart.

How to mount

When all the materials are selected, it remains to buy the necessary ingredients, and you can start assembly.

The main assembly steps:

drawing preparation
The construction of the base
Mounting decorative coating

No matter what kind of material is bought to do the drawing required!

Then we mark up all these labels and attach supporting beams.

Marking ceiling

If each caisson is collected separately, then we start with those directions along and after installation go to the cross detail.

When everything is assembled, it will only have to check whether there is a small gap between the box and, if anything, to correct it. Finished surface can be colored, depending on the material from which it is formed.

Preparatory stage

Remember that the coffered ceiling can be built on the premises with a minimum height of 2500 meters.

But, if you really want to build their small apartment is the ceiling, you can try, why not? Do not forget that the larger beams used in a large room.

The apartment with low ceilings, to increase the volume of the room, the beam should be used in the openings of doors and rooms, it gives some space. If you want such ceilings, then forget about the dark furniture, as it will be too much to force it spoiled the whole atmosphere.

Do not forget that the color of the ceiling is not less important, for example, if you make the ceiling white and attach it, it will appear below a few centimeters, he falls! Immediately consider the entire interior of a room.

Materials for

When you have finished sketch with all the thoughtful interior design, take it with you and go to the store to buy all the necessary materials. For example, will need wallpaper, furniture, etc., but the most important thing is to start to buy all the blanks, you do it yourself or not, it does not matter, the main thing, to buy all the necessary materials for your drawing.

The framework of the support beams

To ensure that our construction is well kept, must be primed with the ceiling (if necessary, several times).

In order to properly and evenly to make our ceiling, you need to first check all attachment points to by the labels we can put a grid construction. The support beams here are the most important. They are fixed to the ceiling thereby creating a pattern. Determined with all location details, go to the manufacture of box-beam.

It will only have to install the finished frame with nails from the ceiling and be sure to check out all of your sketch. After finishing work on the frame, you must close it from the bottom board, which fits exactly. For fixing use not only nails, but also glue for wood, but of good quality and only small parts

Final stage

If you choose ready-made plates, you should begin to strengthen the construction of the center, since it is much easier.

Installation of coffered ceilings

Items must stick mounting adhesive. Plates are fastened with staples, and joined false spikes. Spikes are not strong enough. Purchase a decorative slats for a better fixing. Reiki should cover flaws so pay attention to their width. If coffered ceiling, you started to make plasterboard, then fasten it with screws.

Now you know what a coffered ceiling and how to create it - everything else is in your hands. Your imagination can be translated into reality. Can you think of any shape and even if you can not buy it, then you will always be able to do it yourself!

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