Unlike the field of electric and water underfloor

Often, it is during the repair, many owners of apartments in the city or private cottages set a complex issue that choose electric or water circuit for underfloor heating? There is a clear division, and when he and the other choice would be relevant, important that you understand all the structural difference between the two types of circuits.

First, the electric floor heating is advisable to apply to the insulated balcony and spacious glassed-in balcony, where, ideally, made ultra-thin insulation. Such insulation prevents possible heat loss. It is an electric circuit will help in these areas to create a warm and comfortable environment if you here are thinking to organize the office home, set a place for the desk of a child or a small angle for hobbies.

Especially for building codes radiant floor heating on the balcony you can only do this if this part of their cottage and have a private Combustion. Otherwise, you risk getting a penalty for changing the hydraulic circuit in a central heating system, if you live in an apartment high-rise building standard.

An interesting option would also be an electric field for the kitchen- dining room, if you have a visual separation zones. Because often it is working along the wall furniture set more practical to put a tile, with a hidden underneath electric warmer then than to hold back the water circuit, which also can be broken in the future mount furniture legs.

And then follows the usual transition from tile to the parquet or laminated board, which is used in the dining room. Thus, the electric floor heating with its continuously variable - is the most effective option in terms of energy savings is small for a private house!

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