Common mistakes when dealing with plasterboard

An electrician in the home and at work. The quality of construction works and the durability of structures is always dependent on technology. And quite often errors occur during construction due to lack of knowledge of the process or ignore it in order to expedite the work. But few people think of these builders of the consequences that may arise for non-compliance to certain rules. This, in particular, comes to work related to the installation of drywall constructions.

Errors when creating drywall constructions

Common is failure to comply with the framework of manufacturing technology of metal profiles or using are not designed profiles. This is especially true of curved ceiling surfaces. For example, the ceiling mounted special hangers, which is then mounted to the profile, disposable smooth side down, is used for fixing plasterboard elements. It is also necessary to take into account the location of the frequency of skeletal parts, providing design castle - then after the repair will not crack.

In preparing the frame member must perform special cutting profile scissors intended for metal, eliminating the use of grinders. When cutting metal cutting wheel at high speed occurs burnout guard profile layer in place of cutting metal upon heating changes the properties. It will be subject to corrosion, this structure.

Often the box is formed from a ceiling profile instead of using a rack profile or the guide. Once there are doubts about the final structure of the fortress, its reliability and sound insulation.

It is mandatory to have to use special suspensions with shock-absorbing properties, which is already fixed box. If the structure is firmly attached directly to the ceiling or wall plane with time will form a crack.

Changing the configuration profile, consisting in the extension of the walls, reduces structural strength. Creating a box, the minimum necessary to reconfigure the partitions that provide adequate reliability throughout the structure. Fastening parts of plasterboard should be carried out, focusing outward face. This is due to the peculiarities of the material - the front side has a treatment to provide water resistance. Correct orientation of the drywall will reduce considerably the possibility of exposure to moisture on the structure.

The sheets of the fabric must be fixed to the maximum size, avoiding the installation of small pieces. In general, it is usually applied and the installation of cement-bonded boards and other materials. But of course, the DSP price more attractive.

This will help eliminate the occurrence of cracks which will appear in the presence of a plurality of small plane elements.

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