Creation of corrugated roof with his hands

Due to the fact that the roof decking has a fairly large size, to cover even a large enough roof is possible within a short period of time. Additionally, such a coating is accompanied by high reliability, since steel is used, the protected polymer.

When using a profile of the sheet is eliminated the need to perform continuous purlin, as its design is characterized by an increased ease. Installation truss system is performed using the basic technological methods.

Installing roof system

For the coating of roofs with flat or pent roof, applicable system consisting of uklonoobrazuyuschih triangular or trapezoidal truss. Also used timber from wood and steel profiled tube having a square cross section. To provide additional rigidity, trusses are connected by means of special sets of braces.

If a gable roofThe system must necessarily consist of several rows of Shed or portal farm. In this case, the attic is excluded.

This technology is not typical roofing for residential buildings for them are more preferred design gambrel, gable or mansard species. In this technology provides installation of wooden boards on edge, so that can not create a hollow skeleton, create the basis for an attic. Then the system is strengthened by additional struts to provide it with toughness and resistance to additional loads in the form of snow.

Roof sheeting, insulation and protection

event necessarily take place in residential buildings, designed to ensure that roof sheeting It did not allow the heat to leave the inner space, providing heat to occupants comfortable. Directly the profiled sheet is easy to miss the heat, therefore, a special heat shield, which resembles a layer cake. It uses multiple layers of insulation and the membrane to prevent moisture absorption and insulation damage to wind gusts.

There are several options for insulation, but not everyone is suitable for a roof:

stone wool is accompanied by a small value, but it quickly absorbs excess moisture;
the polymer is characterized by a heater not such quality as hygroscopic, but in the summer time under exposure to high temperatures it allocates higher portion of styrene and an unpleasant odor, which is not very secure for health;

If there is a need to use a polymeric insulation, the roof then definitely separated by special gipsovolokonnyh insulation plates, which are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

rock wool is used as insulation in a street environment, for this reason, it is necessarily separated special membrane which is capable of passing air but delay pairs.

Creating crates

The roof is made of corrugated board needs to have battens, laid horizontal manner. In this case, assembling the sheets carried vertically.

Construction Practice shows that it is reasonable to use wooden beam 4-6 cm thick, while fix the sheets will be much easier, and you can count on an excellent temperature compensation extensions.

If the crate itself roof made of different materials, be sure to provide as much as possible the need for rigid attachment. Also wooden crate is treated with antiseptics and insecticides, coloring.

Paving, protection skates and overhangs

The roof of corrugated board assumes proper installation of sheets, which is quite similar in the folding slate technology. Laying is performed in the direction from the bottom upwards strictly along the rows. When laying the first row as a control, providing a flat packing, used lacing.

The sheets are fixed between the bottom wave with screws with rubber washers that eliminates leakage. Each subsequent time is necessarily overlap the previous one. If the last number in need of pruning, it is performed with special scissors, since the use of an abrasive disc provokes damage to the protective coating.

To roof sheeting accompanied by high quality hardware is used, made of the same material as the sheets themselves.

Also provides reliable protection in the form of slices processing bitumen mastic or nitro. contiguity places accompanied by decorative corner profiles. Wind overhangs and overhangs at the eaves protect the curved plates polymerized.

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