What to buy power tools for home: impact drill or a hammer

Many people wonder what purpose uses a flexible shaft to drill. It helps the tool and makes it easier to work. With the flexible shaft can perform various operations, like most drill. But there are many additional functions, for example, work in remote places, where, due to the length of the drill can not be done this or that operation.

That drill is an assistant in the construction of any structure. It drills holes in the surface of the wall, floor and ceiling. Different shops recommend different drills brands that differ in their characteristics. First of all, it «MAKITA», «BOSCH», «DEWALT», «BLACK & DECKER» and many others. Therefore it is necessary to consult with experts, how to buy a drill is best to buy power tools and better at authorized dealers, we suggest you contact an authorized dealer Makita and Bosch - makita-magazin.ru

Drills shock how to choose

The main technical characteristics of any drill - is rated power, because it is from it will depend on the ease of doing work. Also important is the speed with which the tool is rotated, namely turnover. Not less important role played by the diameter of the holes, which are formed for the different materials in the hammer mode. Many of the drills, which are available today are characterized by different features.

When you purchase it is important to determine what is best, hammer drill or drill. Primarily regulated by the rotational speed - depending on how much the start button is pressed or exposed on the disk controller. There are models with optimum speed, depending on what material you choose.

Hammer drill It punches holes very easily. This is achieved by rotation, the amplitude of the impact is small, thereby reducing its effectiveness, increasing the force with which the chokes on the tool and vibration.

Inside the gun is present electromechanical or electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism, which itself strikes, can only press the button. Working with a hammer does not make an effort too. If you carry out the work with solid materials, the punch will serve you for a long time.

All have long known form, similar to a gun metal collet chuck. It differs power which is from 400 to 1200 watts. You can also adjust the rotation speed up to 3500 rev / min, switch operating modes "drill / hammer away" button locks the trigger when operating. There are various tips, but the most used is the cap on the drill cricket.

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