Why did we choose the liquid nails?

To glue a homogeneous or inhomogeneous objects can use liquid nails, which are construction adhesive based on various polymers and rubber. Liquid nails have a very strong adhesive force, as strong as they are 10 times larger than the well-known PVA glue.

If you need a wall to hang a mirror and drill the wall and screw the screws do not want to, you can use liquid nails, at the same time enough only a few drops to a heavy load was tightly glued to the wall or ceiling.

There are so many different versions of the adhesive, which is disguised as liquid nails. Such an adhesive may not be suitable for all surfaces, and only for wood or plastic, so it is necessary to thoroughly examine the purchase instruction for use.

These liquid nails can be used for very different pasting properties: ceiling panels, wooden objects, objects made of particleboard, plasterboard, glass, metal and plastic.

There are liquid nails to the aqueous solvent, and is on an organic solvent. The aqueous solvent is not suitable for use with metals and the low temperatures, but an organic solvent may be used even where the temperature is below zero.

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