Apparatus water wells

This article tells you about the structure of water wells. Its design can be fully described in a few words: a large depth of the well, but a small diameter. Well "on the sand" are doing with their hands so deep that it can reach the layer of water-saturated sand. Let's look at the order of the entire water supply system.

The device is well with your hands provides a depth of 50 meters (depending on the region). For the organization of wells to be drilled soil to the aquifer sand. He usually is somewhat lower than the clay. If we consider the soil in layers, they are distributed in the following order from the surface:
surface soil, sand, clay, water-bearing sand.

The construction of water wells with their own hands
Aquifer well has the following construction:
the bottom of the filter structure is placed, which does not transmit the earth, sand and clay. Filters distinguish external and embedded in the tube. If an external filter, according to design, it is put on the tube, which makes it both water supplying, and the casing.

The pipes can be installed during the drilling process, so already after him (if the land is not osypletsya after drilling).

To ensure the water supply at home with their own hands using surface and submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are narrow, because the diameter of the tubes directly into a small hole. Along the length they should be about the middle of the well, and are connected to the structure of the pipeline.

Surface pumps can be installed with their own hands or in the caisson, or in the house. If the pumping station is of sufficient power, the pump can be installed in the caisson to the water more easily swung out of the pit. And if the pump is powerful enough, it can be placed in the house. Also at the end of the pipe or hose to the pump station is necessary to set a filter that will supply the purified water.

Since the well water circuit with his hands has the following structure:
Water is pumped from a well or pumping station, a submersible pump or by means of an immersion pipe or hose. With submersible pump water enters the outer pipe, and then - the inner. Since water is circulated throughout the system by means of a pump station, providing the building the necessary water.

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