Technology for creating plaster with your hands

Due to the presence of normal plaster wall, everyone can follow the recommendations of experienced craftsmen create their own decorative its counterpart. To decorate the house, you should also carefully review its application technique.

Decorative plaster with your hands It created according to the developed technology. Due to the fact that the basis of a common filler, the cost of this work is a much lower than the acquisition of decorative materials in commerce.

The choice of material for the creation of decorative plaster

To start the creative work on the creation of decorative plaster, originally should stock the necessary materials and tools.

Decorative plaster with your hands It created based on the filler, which is divided into the finish and start. Home has a coarse structure and finishing - uniform, making possible to decorate the wall beneath the gloss. In addition, construction putty subdivided into several varieties, depending on the composition and the scope of its use:

gypsum plaster is accompanied by amazing white saturated, it is used in the final stages of finishing the walls;
Cement is used for finishing the balcony;
polymer has different shades, also used in the final stages;
Universal is suitable for decoration of different spaces;
moisture resistant is used where there are temperature changes.

However, the acquisition of putty will not be enough to create a decorative plaster. It is also important to choose and buy the right tools. In particular, the master must have a large and a small spatula building mixer and vessel, wherein materials can be mixed.

Decorative plaster with your hands, cooking process

If you can not buy the building mixer, the master can mix plaster and water by hand, but in this case it is necessary to apply physical force to get the right consistency.

From the quality of the batch depends on how subsequently decorative plaster will be applied to the surface of the walls, whether well-smoothed, or will spread.

To provide maximum quality plaster, the master must comply with the proportion of water and filler, which is listed on the packaging.

Decorative plaster with your hands prepared in moderate amounts at one time, because it has properties of quickly harden, so preparing as much as the master time to put on the wall behind the set time solution.

When mixing plaster should not use maximum speed nozzles. To ease the mixing process is accompanied and high quality, it is recommended to use warm water. Before use, the construction of the mixer is advisable to check the purity of nozzles, since even small grains can ruin the appearance of the decorative plaster.

Methods of applying plaster on the wall

There are four main methods to successfully apply a decorative plaster on the walls. What method to use, the right to decide himself the master himself.

applying way to "rain", Plaster is applied at an angle to the wall. Novice masters recommended to make a layout that facilitates the execution of the work. Spatula when applying the plaster should not be tightly pressed against the wall. Otherwise, there may be traces of the spatula, creating unnecessary roughness. After completion of the grinding machine is used, which eliminates major unevenness. Small irregularities should remain as they are after painting will remain white, creating the effect of "rain".

Technology "brush" It involves the processing of already applying the plaster on the wall. Circular or straight movements master puts a brush with small holes, the size of which depends on the pressing force. After drying, the wall is painted in your preferred color.

The third method of applying plaster has a name "Fish Scale". It is characterized by its own specific application and application spatula. The idea is that the individual spatula applied plaster in small portions, and the tool is not fed.

The fourth technology is provided by means of the construction roll. On the wall, which is already applied plaster should be carried out by roller, lightly pushing it. Experts also recommend a pre-wound on his cloth to increase the degree of pressure.

To decorative plaster with his hands became a color, it adds a special pigment ink.

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