Effect paint board marker

On the paints market in Russia there was a rather unusual and interesting color, which when applied, the treated surface will be able to perform the function of the board for the markers.

The latest technology makes it possible to apply the surface after staining the paint as a whiteboard. Paint on the treated surface will be draw, drawing or writing something markers. In the future, all can be removed by conventional napkins. It is very convenient to use a paint, for example, in the nursery. E

it will help to save space in the apartment. Applied on such a surface can be any markers that will not leave stains after erasure. The paint on the market presented by New Line product and purchase it can be an authorized representative, which was the company Sanremo in St. Petersburg.

The paint is a practical and economical, it is very convenient. This product is environmentally friendly, it is also very important. Recently, a very significant saving of resources that allow to produce environmentally friendly building materials.

Also environmental harmlessness, after application to the surface may be used if necessary as a canvas, may also be used for the tread surface of the screen. Guarantee such coverage is ten years, that is, such paint is durable and does not lose its effectiveness.

After painting the surface not exposed to cracking and peeling, discoloration or yellowing. In the case of compliance with the application instructions, defects are eliminated. A week after the application of paint, the surface can be used as a whiteboard.

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