Preparing the ground for self-leveling floor

Preparation is carried by the base zahvatki which area must meet daily formulation on one of the device-bay filler layer thickness up to 1, 5 mm, which corresponds to 110... 120 m 2.

The most common reason for seamless flooring - screed from the cement-sand grade solution of at least 150. To apply plastic ties solution slump 3... 4 cm which is laid evenly on majachnym rails or beacons from a solution compacted screed, then screed the surface smooth down metallic trowels.

Damage screed depth more than 10 mm is embedded high-quality cement-sand mortar with cement milk pre-priming. Cracks, crevices, cracks purified from dust and primed with 10% solution of PVA dispersion. If this fails to align the coupler, then applied to the surface planarization layer polymer-solution or grind it.

Basis for preparing a self-leveling floor unit, consisting of two people. Please check the horizontality of a base with a two-meter control rack level. Clearance between the rail and the surface should not be more than 2 mm. Tiles surface is then purified of dust, polished mosaic-sander SB-36 or SB-17 corundum stone with an average grain.

Grinding operate alternately, the free water wets the working surface of the screed and removes debris and after the surface dries, dedusting vacuum.

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