Conceived to make repairs in the bathroom?

Getting his start? What materials to choose? Although the bathroom - the room is small, but many questions need to decide before you start to repair. Indeed, it is not easy, in the bathroom constantly moist air. Let's find out what materials can be used to coat walls.

One of the most popular materials for walls in wet room is ceramic tile. It is decorative, not exposed to moisture, easy to clean, does not lose its qualities. But before I laid the tile, you must first prepare the surface, then invite an experienced master.

For one type of ceramic tiles include granite. Unlike ceramic tiles it is more durable and reliable.

Facing material can also be a thin (4-6 mm) of the mirror plate. Produce their frosted or tinted mirror glass, resistant to moisture. What are the advantages of mirror plates? First, the mirror in the bathroom visually enlarge the space. Secondly, the bath with mirrored walls, in which the reflected light appears light, comfortable and spacious.

If you have to cover the walls in the bathroom, you have chosen the material, then you should know that silver amalgam is more durable and resistant than aluminum. Before you put the mirror tiles, it is necessary to remove from the walls of all the old layers of plaster up to the base, in order to then perfectly align the surface of the walls. This is a must do, or else through the mirror panels is visually distorted room.

An interesting embodiment for cladding may be in the form of tiles or panels ornament. Mosaic made of ceramic, glass or metal particles. Finished part mosaic arranged on thick paper, which is adhered to the paper layer to the outside, and the paper is then rinsed.

The easiest material for the walls in the bathroom are the panels on the basis of MDF or PVC. This lining a low-cost, does not require alignment of the walls. Therefore, it is popular with the consumer. An important requirement for such a wall - keep the walls dry bath, or under the panels appear fungus and mold. Information for prevention of the walls before laying must be treated algicidal agents.

For the walls in the bathroom is also suitable decorated hardboard. It consists of eucalyptus fibers that is covered by a transparent laminate.

The easiest way to the wall in the bathroom paint. This method requires almost the exact alignment of the walls. When choosing colors should take into account and to pay attention to the properties of the paint. First of all, the paint should be durable, non-toxic, dirt-repellent and resistant to moisture. To protect the walls from the mold, the paint must be added fungicides. Similar properties are latex and acrylics.

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