How best to protect the foundation from moisture and mildew

If you want to have your house could be suitable for life as long as possible, has been specially designed very a wide range of a wide variety of protective measures, by observing which you can extend the life of your home for very long years.

One of the primary and most important decisions to take appropriate measures to provide a waterproofing structure of the foundation. The foundation is one of the most important parts of your home, because it is the basis of any modern building, on the The reason for reducing its bearing capacity, you can inevitably collide with the building, which is at risk of complete destruction.

Understand why it is necessary to carry out the waterproofing of the foundation structure is very simple. To do this, you just have to imagine the structure of the conventional structural concrete. This material is very similar to a high-level density sponge, which is very often penetrated by microcracks and small capillaries, which easily happens lifting ordinary water. And the water, as we know, does not have a weak capacity to destroy even the most durable materials and objects.

Where does the water will be taken on the territory of our relatively dry region? There is a type of water, as the groundwater. Some Russian countryside dotted with just a grid of channels from groundwater passing too close to the the earth's surface, which means that they somehow can border or side by side with the building foundation. Besides ground water can rise due to heavy rains, as well as abundant and rapid snowmelt.

Concrete, which is entirely deprived of adequate protection, will very quickly absorb all the water. Water will not be difficult to climb to a height of more than three meters of porous materials, that is, under the harmful influence of moisture will be guaranteed not only the foundation, but also the walls and floor.

Today, there are several well-known and quite affordable ways to organize high-quality waterproofing the foundation of the structure, among them it is worth noting roll waterproofing obmazochnuyu and sprayed concrete waterproofing.

Absolutely all types of waterproofing works for the protection of buildings of concrete parts are intended to ensure the establishment of a waterproof layer, which will, one way or another, to prevent the infiltration water. As a rule, these methods have significant limitations on the use and timing of their operation.

For example, roll waterproofing bud is not possible to be used in areas where there is high seismic risk. A surface waterproofing for concrete and concrete parts of the structure can not withstand a large rise ground water (height of two meters), among other things the type of waterproofing is not more than 15 years old.

With the adoption of timely measures to ensure the waterproofing of the concrete foundation slabs, wall and floor structure is operated by you, you will be able to achieve a longer service life building.

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