The gate of corrugated board with their own hands

Corrugated building material gained sympathy in a large number of individual developers and owners of villas due to its relatively low price and excellent technical characteristics. Therefore, the gates of corrugated board, which can perform both classical and modern swing sliding, enjoy widespread popularity.

The gate of corrugated board with your hands can perform for anyone who has previously dealt with the construction of some simple objects. It is necessary to purchase all of the materials, namely corrugated sheets (most popular profiled coated polyester), metal round pipes (or square cross-section with the face size is not less than 50mm) and materials for the manufacture of concrete.

After that you need to dig a hole under the supporting columns on the depth of soil freezing. Then set the vertical metal bars and Grout them. During the time until the concrete will harden and a sufficient strength can start to manufacture door frame of the pipes. When the gate frame is welded it must be painted in a color matched sheeting. When the paint dries, attached to the frame of corrugated sheets via screws.

Thereafter welded hinges on columns mounted gates and some simple locking device from scrap materials.

That's the whole goal of manufacturing technology of corrugated board with his own hands.

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