As a self-restoring screwdriver battery

Screwdriver has already become an indispensable tool for home, but like any thing, he eventually breaks down. More precisely it becomes unusable battery.

Buy a new one for a certain model, out of production is simply impossible, and its value is often between 30 and 50% of the price of a new screwdriver. The way out may be to try to revive the old battery on their own.

On most models of old screwdrivers used nickel-cadmium batteries. They, in contrast to the lithium-ion cells used in modern batteries can be restored. Li eventually decomposes, making repairs a battery impossible.

To start disassemble the battery and check the electrolyte in the presence of cadmium cells. If they are dry, they need to top up with a little distilled water with the help of a medical syringe.

The drill hole element a small diameter. It should be placed on top in the side. Then, water is poured into the hole as long as it will not be poured outside. The hole is filled with glue or obscure cold welding. A few hours later, after complete impregnation of the element with water, the battery is charged via the charging device, issuing a large current capacity. For example, the battery voltage of 12 V is suitable car charger. For batteries with a higher voltage should only be used specifically designed for this purpose device.

Another method is restoring battery partial replacement of unusable items. First, the battery is fully charged and with a conventional multimeter measure the voltage of each element by marking on the housing result. Then put the battery on the cordless screwdriver and fully discharged in operation. After this re-voltage measurement is carried out each element.

Eligible for replacement parts, with a significant drop in voltage. Purchase new nickel-cadmium cells may be in-store radios, or order them online. Interconnect elements recommended by spot welding. If this is not possible, soldering should be carried out without significant heating element. After assembly of the battery 2-3 times full charge and discharge, by equalizing the capacity of all its elements.

Complete replacement of battery cells made on this scheme already. Its cost will be much less than buying a new battery in the store because they do not have to pay for housing, and prices on the internet components below.

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