What is parquet, which is not afraid of time

Good flooring are durable, even 10 years after the installation looks like new. To protect the wood from the effects of time helps the special technology of laying parquet - a floating floor. With this setting, parquet boards not glued to the floor and bonded to each other by means of metal staples.

This technology allows the wood to "breathe", the material does not react to changes in humidity and temperature, the board is not deformed. But in the traditional laying of the heating season wood shrinks and between parquet boards there are big gaps, board spring restores shape - parquet can "go" and become uneven.

Additional advantages of a floating floor - fast and cheap installation, lack of dirt during installation. Furthermore, such a parquet can be easily disassembled when moving and installed in another place.

A pioneer in the production of floating floors hardwood Junckers was the company, which pays much attention to the development of innovative solutions in the production and installation of parquet.

Over time, any surface cleared - even stone, but not Junckers parquet! For surface tinting wood the company uses a ceramic pigment, it makes the surface extremely durable. A deep tinting helps to keep the color even when polishing and restoration work.

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