How to choose a piece parquet

Natural flooring has many varieties. In this regard, special attention should be paid piece-board flooring. Now this type of flooring is the most common type of flooring, overtaking on this indicator, solid wood flooring and substitutes a different type.

Characterized by the parquet relatively small size and huge number of directions for use. It is among the type of piece parquet to be famous artistic parquet, allowing you to create a unique pattern of sex.

Now a piece parquet is a qualitative and rather interesting type of floor covering. You can use it for many different types of rooms. By adjusting the use of a particular appearance smokers can create a truly unique appearance of the floor.

The most important thing here - to be attentive to the floor covering and the peculiarities of its use. With proper installation and care of this type of floor is ideal for long-term use of flooring.

MMA type parquet board can be called only corresponding to accepted standards, which include a thickness of 15-22 mm; a width of 40-75 mm and a length of 500 mm. If the flooring more data sizes, it can be carried to the massive. Both types of flooring are attached with special lateral ridges and grooves.

In fact, both types of natural flooring are identical, but the massive board larger in size, which does not help when it is folded to create drawings on the floor, and thus the artistic parquet. Made natural parquet boards of traditional and exotic woods. It is material for the manufacture affects the appearance of the flooring and ensure its functional features.

Buy a piece type of floorboard fashionable now literally at any store dedicated to the sale of the flooring.

Before you buy parquet you should definitely pay attention to its brand. In the case of block-type boards are the following classes:

Tangential / radial cut wood without any irregularities (knots, defects, roughness) - type of SELECT. There can be only one radial cut - Radial.

Multi-colored with different directions of wood fibers and small twigs - natures.

Mottled with different cut, fiber patterns and quite large knots - Rustic.

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