Choose the material and style to finish the loggia

To date, there are many materials that are used in the decoration of the loggia. The cheapest way to finish - lining. It can be of different colors, choose colors for every lodge will not be there. The most suitable material for finishing the ceiling is a plastic panel, which simply embed fixtures.

Molded has some advantage in terms of mounting. He is simple, but because of the small size of the panel, produces a lot of joints. The panels can be directed either horizontally or vertically, it does not change the appearance. Applied and plastic, which joints are not visible due to large sizes. In contrast to the lining, the plastic does not burn and does not have an unpleasant odor at the sun.

In addition, it is possible to apply and wood material. It should be noted that this is an environmentally friendly material, so it has great advantage over other embodiments. From the choice of material for finishing the loggia dependent thermal insulation characteristics of the room. finishing technology using high strength laminate flooring assigned to the device, but in the finishing loge it is used for lining walls and parapet.

The front surface of this laminate material has a coating which reliably simulates the color and texture of real wood. Therefore, it effectively replaces the bunk. Moreover, a wide range of laminate finish to simulate any type of wood of oak and beech normal to the Madagascar rosewood.

Finishing the ceiling loggias produced as using wall panels and ceiling tiles inexpensive Styrofoam. Yes, tiles and attached quickly and easily, only need to put on her face a couple of drops of glue.

Finishing plasterboard loggia practiced often enough: the material is large, that allows to decorate the ceiling and the wall faster. In addition, it is quite accessible and cheap. However, the lodge room is always different high humidity, and plasterboard in contact with moisture it can swell, which is not conducive to prolonged service life. In addition, the need for additional finishing drywall paint means-plus adds.

Exterior finish is carried out when the parapet too unpresentable. But in this case colors materials should be in harmony with the overall style of the building.

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