What is an alternative metal fittings

A worthy alternative to the metal reinforcement is. Now, instead of heavy and problem in the operation of a steel frame, fiberglass rods are used. Offered this technology the German company Schoeck Bauteile.

The advantage of using this material indisputably - metal corrosion is no longer frightening. This saves a lot of money during the period of operation of buildings in 10 years.

Rigidity rods themselves is achieved by using a very large number of molecular species and linear alignment of the fibers, which lead to the formation of reinforced structural form. Through the use of polymers is achieved by the ability to produce bars in all types: spiral, "Christmas tree" or notched. This enables a good grip with the building material in particular with concrete.

The company's engineers are confident that the use of glass opens the door for many designers and developers of complex engineering structures such as bridges and railway tunnels, for which there is an important condition for the existence of electromagnetic properties.

Since fiberglass belong to fiber composite materials, thanks to ever-evolving technology, it is possible to change their properties. When designing structures accounted environment where there will be the construction itself, and hence the properties of fiberglass.

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