Reliable and powerful Bosch drills

Drill Bosch (Bosch) - is a reliable tool that produces world-renowned companies. They are very easy to operate and, therefore, they are used in everyday life and in construction. Such drills are of high quality and durable materials, the service life is significantly extended. They also fit perfectly the power and ease of a tool.

All elements on drill conveniently located and enables to perform further work. In addition, they offer high performance, given the accurate and quick work. Depending on what tasks will be delivered, the drill may be stressed and unstressed. Power drills unstressed ranges from 350 to 1500 watts. They are perfectly combined with soft materials. It is important that such drills will be used well in the construction of any structure.

Stand to drill their own hands

If you are working with wood and drill it, there are some difficulties. Usually, if you are using a simple drill hole is not always the correct form. In particular we have in mind a miniature work, when the accuracy of the finished hole affects all the work. It stand for drills eliminates such problems. To make it necessary to use certain materials that are very easy to find. To manufacture the rack will need furniture board with at least 20 mm thick. There will also be a need for centimeter plywood and wooden beams, steel strips, screws and bolts, which allow to fasten all the elements of the machine. After preparing all the necessary materials should be collected a tool that will be useful for the manufacture of such a machine.

drill mixer

Drills mixers - a tool that has two modes of use. It differs by certain features due to which it is better than other drills. This specific nozzle, various operating at low speed, the power is much better than has household drill, and it is resistant to overheating. Due to the high torque can be efficiently and quickly to mix the paint with a variety of construction solutions. At the expense of power, speed and reverse drill mixer is optimal to create high-quality repair and installation. This type of drill allows mixing of different solutions, suspensions, and mixtures thereof. Once enjoyed special nozzles to drill, which quickly spoil in a short time. But today use a specialized electric tool in which a very large capacity and long service life.

We recommend to buy Drills shock Network BOSCH GSB 21-2 RCT two-speed in a case, of the benefits, we note several features: The price of 16 000 rubles

  • Robust metal gearbox ensures a long service life
  • Mechanical overload clutch Antirotation ensures high safety in even the most demanding applications
  • Odnogilzovy keyless chuck with Auto-Lock spindle lock for quick change with one hand working tool
  • The new security handle with innovative attachment and softgrip for safe grip drills
  • Rotatable brush holder provides the same force during rotation of both left and right
  • Soft pad on the main handle for secure grip
  • cable hinge for maximum mobility and prevent fractures
  • The neck of the spindle diameter. 43 mm (European standard), can operate with a rack of the drilling machine

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