Make a fence of corrugated own hands

So, certainly, many in the country or in his private home was a question how to choose the fence and most certainly opted for the iron fence, with trapezoidal sheet on iron pillars.

I want to tell you in this article how you can make a fence of corrugated board with their own hands, without professional assistance and thereby save quite a substantial amount, so as far as I know at the moment the production of this type of fence is not less than a third of the cost of material.

In order to make a fence to need quite affordable tools such as angle grinders machine (in common Bulgarka), lace long, roulette itself, an electric drill or screwdriver, with a nozzle of the bolt, a plumb or building level, and of the welding konechtno with all components, such as electrodes and a mask (by the way do not advise you to work without a mask, then very much the eyes are sore and do not open if you work with it for a long time, and it will have to do).

Just need the following materials for the fence: it is necessary to count the number of columns on the entire length of the fence and buy proflist itself based on the fact that the width of the plate 1, 1 meter clean well and at 5 cm overlap on each side of the ridge, ie obtained 1 meter. Just need a profile for jumpers, usually spans are doing no more than 3 meters, here and count how many you will need.

So where do you need to start to build fences of corrugated board with your hands? First of all need throughout the interval in which you have to install a fence to drive a pair of wedges and they pull the rope on which to exhibit the actual columns themselves. After these simple actions, we calculate the distance between the pillars, measuring out of 3 meters, the width of the span.

We take a shovel and dig holes for poles (there is a small nuance, if you are going to fill in columns with a solution, then the hole you dig is not too big It is necessary, but in any case they should not be less than 50 cm in depth so that the pillars stood firmly and if you still are going to save on the concrete, then can recommend welded on each pole by the horizontal crosspiece, it will give some resistance after tamping soil around column).

So after we have established and stamped posts on a shoestring, we proceed to the next stage, which will need to weld, ie, cut to jumper length by fixing plates and welds horizontally between the pillars on the assumption that they were on the edge of the sheet (with the top and bottom) cm 50, then take the previously purchased bolts of iron in color with a press washer and begin to fasten them to the cross sheets, which we previously welded.

Important!!! The first sheet is required to expose vertically on level, otherwise the fence will rungs without slope portion, which is quite unaesthetic). So we did it and proceed to the manufacture of doors and gates, do it quite easily. This is done as follows: cook frame for each leaf and the corners of the welds tie at 45 degrees, so that the frame did not go myself, so to speak struts, not forgetting welded in the middle of the bridge which itself is attached to the gate that gate that gate, so it is possible to make the gate pins to be rest against the gate into the ground, as you like, and at the gate to make lockable lock, someone like that is welded hinges and is sheathed in the same steel sheets as the main fence.

It can be done on top of the pattern, if someone wants to... By the way there is a small but, I advise you to do for the whole frame of the gate on the perimeter of the screed above to post some time posts are not dispersed in different directions, and the gate is not lopsided, and be sure to pour the concrete pillars, it will give rigidity and reliable mount... All the fence is ready!

Do it yourself, and be the best in the business! Thank you for viewing this post! Recently, I began to be used instead of "thank you", "thank you." Somehow, at the beginning it was difficult, but I'm already used :) subscribe to our channel, place Like, if you like the article and write comments! Share with your friends on social networks! Bye Bye!

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